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Palmer's Farm Mud Bash *10-11-08*

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For the last mud runs or now called Palmer's Farm Mud Bash


Also backup link to vales if pictures don't load *same typing, and pictures*

KC's Evo2 Place


Been busy this week so thats why I havent check or posted on QC. Well last weekend are cousin johney called us to come down to his Mud Bash. He told us they finally named the thing. *Palmer's Farm Mud Bash*. So anyways he was saying this time. He got a radio station to come out, and do a live boardcast, and to give away prizes *prizes was a remote starter for a car, and shirts* Johney also had a giveaway for a new $300 car stereo *which did look nice*

665 people showed up today. Trucks/atv's were everywhere. But I still had time to get me... and my atv muddy lol. They also had shirts this year for the Mud Bash. 1 shirt for $11 or 2 shirts for $20. We got ares free since were family.So I changed shirts, and wore the Palmers Mud Bash shirt for the day. * took a picture of my dad's (Clean) shirt to show you what it looks like *

We left the house at 6-ish AM, and got there at around 7:30, and still was the first people there.......AGAIN!!! But right when we parked *In back of the house where no one else parked*, talked to johney, and loaded the ATV off the truck they started to pour in *So I took a picture of it*. But yesterday was good, and fun. O ya we was the LAST to leave to lol. Because when it was getting dark Johney, dad, and me jumped on the gator telling everyone to leave. Then we chilled at his house eating the left over ribs they had made that day till about 1am. Man that was a long drive back... took a shower, and went to bed.


The rules was. *copied off a piece of paper everyone got saturday*

1. Enter at your own risk

2. NO GLASS BOTTLES. They will be taken, and not returned. Coolers will be checked

3. No Underage Drinking or you will be asked to leave.

*you got to love the arm bands. Orange for underage, and green for over 21*

4. No Fighter or horse playing

5. ATV operators must be 16yrs old or have a abult on the ATV with them. ATV must yield to all trucks.

*caught 1 underage driver red handed by 1 of my pictures, and Johney Jr. booted his butt off the atv unless by a parent. If we saw him again on it alone he was asked to leave.*

6. Please put all trash in the barrels.

7. Tractor drivers are not responsible for hooking up trucks. (Hook trucks, and wrap the ropes back up)

8. No chains to pull out trucks. (JUST ROPES)

9. No riding in back of trucks. You will be asked to leave.

*Had to boot few people doing that in a 90's blazer with a chopped off roof*

10. No cars beyond the barn.

11. You are responsible for whoever drivers your truck.

12. all vehivles off property within 10 days. With prior authorization.

*We counted 16 trucks that wasn't driveable when we was driving around asking them to leave.*


There was 3 fights we had to break up, people going in the wrong way because there dumb (-.-), and what not. But I'll just show you the pictures, and quit talking..


O neon green shirts is staff. We would of also got them but they forgot to make some for us since we sometimes help.





Since there is a limit on Your file of 117.3 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 97.7 KB for this filetype. Since I don't feel like fixing that here's the link to that picture.




The kid on the yellow ATV was caught underage without a parent after I took that picture

Since there is a limit on Your file of 106.0 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 97.7 KB for this filetype. Since I don't feel like fixing that here's the link to that picture.



In that gator next to 1 of 3 cow trucks there this weekend was johney, and hauling around my dad's cousin pete around.


More pictures in next post.











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THE PINTO IS BACK BABY!!! With new tires/paint/ and roof lights.

Since you got a limit on Your file of 107.4 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 97.7 KB for this filetype. Since I don't feel like fixing that here's the link to that picture.


The palmer's special UTV next to my ATV after the 4th wash since 4-ish pm lol


Got Mud?



That ford was doing good all day till it overhated haha.










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  • 4 months later...

Wow... I finally got the pictures from this mud run yesterday on 2 disc's. I had to resize 311 pictures because they were 4620x3000 something... Thanks to my cousins...


Now their 640x400's.

Lots of good pictures because they hired a photographer to take these pictures. TO BAD she only stayed in 1 spot in the area. :confused:


Here's the link to D/L the pictures off mediafire.

D/L 311 mud bash pictures of this event


And yes there is some ATV's, and UTV's getting muddy

To lazy to put up pictures so here's a Vales link of the 6 extra pictures on that froum from the 311 pictures.zip


KC's Evo2 Place Mud Bash Thread!



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