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1997 polaris scrambler 500 no start

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1997 polaris scrambler 500 will not start but sometimes may start and run for a few minutes then wont start again for weeks replaced stator,cdi box and ignition coil and still no spark but when it does decide to run it runs mint so this makes no sense ANY IDEAS?

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When you replaced the coil, did you replace just the coil and use the old plug boot, or did you replace the whole thing? A poor connection between the coil wire and the spark plug boot could be your problem. Also check all your wiring connections and grounds, KILL SWITCH, and obviously you need to have a good sparkplug.

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Actually the coil did not come with the boot so i ordered a new one and thinking of replacing connectors with new water proof ones hopefully this will fix it

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Put new boot on it tried to start once then nothing. I did notice that the warmer it is in the garage the longer it will try to run,also do you know if this thing has any type of oil level shut down switch? Now every thing electrical in this quad is new it has to be something silly

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Sounds silly..but did you replace the spark plug?

Check all of your connections and get your meter out and start testing from the plug up and from the start button down.

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Yup, if you have a multimeter, get it out. I would start with the kill switch and the key switch, then start moving down the line and test to make sure that the ignition components are recieving power.

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