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2007 Yamaha 350 Raptor dies when you give it Gas

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I just cleaned out the jets on my 350 07 Raptor. It starts up great and idles great. I give it gas and it dies. I heard it coul be a short on the Clutch switch. What else could be the problem


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It sounds to me like there is a fuel shortage. Are you sure you are getting gas when revving?

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Check the float adjustment and vent tubes on the carb. I too think the problem could be lack of fuel. If the jets were clogged, then the rest of the carb probably needs to be cleaned too. Take it completely apart and clean everything. There is a rubber diaphragm in the side of the carb too, make sure it is not torn, and be careful when cleaning it. As far as the clutch switch goes, I have heard alot of things about these machines as far as faulty switches causing wierd problems, so it is worth looking into.

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Most likely the carb, it may have got a tiny particle of dirt in it when you changed the jet just take it apart and spray it down with WD40 if you have never taken a carb aparts its a lot easier than you think you can do it, if its not that then its something in the fuel lines, i have had this problem on many of my bikes, its almost always dirt carb, on my raptor it had to do with the on/off valve i had to get a new one some stupid design thing but good luck


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I've had an issue with my 2003 Yamaha Warrior after i rolled it, it would start up and idle all day no problems, but when you give it gas it sounds like it wants to die. The parking brake switch had become shorted out. Had to replace it. But it does sound like an accelerator plunger (if its equiped like my Mikuni 36mm) or jets. Blow air through all of your jets, if you don't have compressed air, I used brake cleaner on everything in my carburetor and watched for it to squirt out the other side.

I forgot to mention, I soaked my carb in carb dip/chem dip, for at least 2 hours after taking all rubber grommets, o-rings, and plastic off. I let the throttle linkage slide, because its a pain to put it all back together, with the winding of the springs and all that.

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