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1996 honda fourtraxx 300 battery draining

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whats up guys, need a little help here, the battery in my 96 honda fourtraxx 300 keeps draining. I disconnected the battery kickstarted it and tested power generated at battery terminals with motor only and was gettting 3.5 volts dc at idle and the quad ran fine with lights.

I then hooked battery up and checked started cylinoid for continuity with key on and off and had continuity both times, I also was able to start my quad by shorting terminals on starter cylinoid with key on and off as well.

I checked wires, connections and 2 fuses by battery and all checked out of, I assume its the starter cylinoide or is their things to check before buying parts--- thanks for your help

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It could be your battery just not holding a charge. How old is it?

* Changed your thread title for better responses.

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I just went through a similar situation. It is possible that one of the cells in the battery is damaged, So it won't hold charge.

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I dont believe its the battery, the battery was the first thing that I had replaced, and still had the same issue even with a brand new battery installed

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out of curiousity, are you suppose to be able to start the quad up by crossing the terminals on starter cylinoid even with the ignition in the off position, because mine starts starts up even with out the key in it

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No, I don't think you should be able to start it without the key on. The key switch or the wires that run in/out of it are probably the issue. I would start by inspecting the wires for a dead short. If the wires look ok, then the problem is probably in the switch itself. Sounds like it is on even in the off position. I would take it apart and inpect it before replacing it. You may be able to fix it by cleaning it, could be some kind of metallic debris in the switch causing it to short.

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I agree with DD. also check the wires at the switch for the 3.5 volts- there should be at least one hot there when OFF. that means the switch is likely screwed up. by the way, 3.5 volts is not enough to keep a 12 volt battery charged! Sounds like someone chased the problem around and then gave up on it. Could be a charging coil too. It's time to buy a manual with a wiring diagram in it. ebay city.... Keep at it, you'll find it.

PS: if you short across the starter terminals it should turn the starter over, but not start without the ignition switch set to run.

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Hey man

i think you mean you were able to cranck your engine with the key on or off

that bike only works with conecting power, not grounding the cdi

you mention getting only 3.5 volts when engine running, no battery conected

your voltage regulator may be faulty

but to be sure, conect battery, check voltage on battery before you even turn the key on

now turn lights off and any other accesories you have off (have you??)

turn key on and kickstartit, when runing, check the battery voltage again, if its lower you have a battery voltage winner

just in case, disconect the three prung conector on the left side under the plastic corner that attaches to the gas tank, the one with 3 yellow wires, from the generator (stator), check continuity between them, it should be zero, also check each wire to ground, should be infinity, in this case voltage regulator is a winner

before u spend big bucks on regulator ask a friend whith same bike to trade regulators just to test, no harm will be done, no matter wich regulator you conect on what bike, i think all year models are the same, may be different on 92 or 95 models, but if conectors the same and wire color equal, no problemo, then make the same test on battery voltage, key off, then bike running, voltage should be allways higher

if your regulator proves good, then im affraid you need a new stator, i had that head exploding problem a few years back, when the stator checked ok and the regulator also, but by pulling the stator out, there was visible burns on one coil, so i had to re-wireit , too bad you are too far, i could rewire that stator myself for you

sorry for misspelling, keyboard has mind of itself

good luck

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