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2000 Polaris 425 Expedition 4x4 Not getting fuel

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Good morning! Ok I have a 2000 Polaris 425 Expedition 4x4 that was obviously sunk in a pond or creek of mud. Then it was set aside for the past decade. It was given to me.

I have cleaned up everything and replaced only the battery (so far). It will run for for only a few seconds before it runs out of fuel. The gas tank had about 2" of mud in the bottom of it. the carb and fuel pump were full of mud. Even the motor had water in it and it has been flushed with oil several times to now it has good oil only in it. All has been cleaned and seems to be working fine...except maybe the fuel pump. People have told me that the fuel pump works off of pressure and therefore if everything is there and operational it should be working. I can remove the inlet fuel line from the pump and let it drip directly into the outlet fuel line leading to the carb. The ATV starts and runs for 10 or so seconds until the fuel runs out. I can do this over and over and it runs over and over. Hooking it up to the fuel pump causes it to not start. It turns over but doesn't start. I think it has something to do with pressure - so I tried pushing compressed air in the tank to force the pump to initiate - and it will spudder etc but never completely start. I even put on another fuel pump (from a riding lawnmower) and it wouldn't start (possibly too small of a pump). I am about to buy a new fuel pump but everyone says they don't know how the fuel pump could be bad....

Any advise?

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I did remove and disassemble the carb. The float device area was clean and seems to work properly. The float has good 'bounce' to it as well. When I simply 'drip' gas from a dropper into the carb intake gas line the engine runs until it uses the fuel in the carb and line. If I stop feeding the line or connect it to the fuel pump, it then dies when the fuel runs out. Therefore I've concluded (not real confidently) that the fuel stops at the fuel pump. Someone has now suggested that I replace the fuel hoses because one (the pressure line) may have a leak, thus not allowing pressure to get to the fuel pump. I will replace the hoses tonight. I have a pretty detailed manual on the ATV but I can't find out if the pressure is coming from the carb to the fuel pump or from the fuel pump to the carb? Which way is the pressure flowing?

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