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new member needs Artic Cat Help!!!!

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HAve 2005 Cat 500. It has been sitting for about 10 weeks, and will not statrt. Cranks good has new battery, but will not fire up. I got all old gas out and put fresh in, but no good. If it has a choke or primer i can not find it. It only has 270 miles on it, so not a lot of expierience with it. Always has some trouble starting cold, but catches eventually, noit this time. Also, small protrusion under carb lesks fuel when running, just idle i think, but not positive. It looks like there should be a hose coming off of it, but dont think so. I cant figure it out. Nearest dealer is 33 miles away. Any help sure would appreciate it!!!!!!

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Im not a mechanic, but I am pretty handy and have lots of tools. Is this somthing that someone that is mechanically inclined can do on there own? Are there any reference guides out there to help with instructions on how to? How is the carb mounted?. Thanks to DirtDemon for the info u gave me so far?

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Agreed. It does need to be cleaned because you have some dirt under the needle. These carbs are prone to this problem. You'll need some carb cleaner and compressed air. You can do it yourself if you pay very close attention to where the parts go when you put it back together, otherwise I'd recommend taking it to a shop. Also, install an inline filter before you run it again. I had this problem with my 400 before I installed the filter, now it's been years since it's leaked out the overflow.

Also, you'll see a little lever on the side of the carb with a hole in it. That's your primer. If it sits for long periods of time, especially in cold weather give it 3 or 4 pumps before you try to start it.

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found primer, but no go. Found line coming from fuel tank where it goes to what i think is fuel filter under seat, then 2 lines go from it to carb. Pulled lines and they were DRY. Had to inject some fuel into line to carb to gwet it to start. Has this happened to anyone before. Once started, it still pours fuel from little nipple(overflow?) under carb though. Is this because carb still need clean. Is round thing under seat with fuel lines to and from a fuel filter? Thanks to all who helped!!!!

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Yes, it sounds like the carb still needs to be cleaned. If you are mechanically inclined, you should be able to figure it out if you just dig in and take the carb out. Once you have it out, take it completely apart and clean every part and passage and remove any residue in the carb. Pay special attention to the float stopper and the seat that it sits in, debris in this area is likely the reason that gas is leaking out of the carb.

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Yes, that's an overflow drain on the bottom of the carb. You have a piece of junk in there keeping the needle valve from closing when the float level rises to shut the needle valve. When it doesn't shut off the fuel it will overflow from that drain, and run down onto the motor (been there).

Yours is a 2005 you say. Where is your gas tank located? The fuel filter would only have one hose in and one hose out (just a little cylinder with nipples on each end). It sounds like you're describing the fuel pump, provided the tank is under the fender instead of ahead of the seat. This type of fuel pump operates off vacuum impulses to draw gas from the tank to the carb. The ones with the tank ahead of the seat don't need a pump, gravity takes care of it.

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