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  1. I started out in the 70's with a Honda 50, the type that looked more scooter than bike. I pieced it together from 3 bikes I bought in various states of repair. Not too classy, but it got me there. Next was a CZ 250 red frame that I kept into the early 80's. Kids, family, work, etc... took priority for years then, until I got my first quad in '04.
  2. At this point I'm open either way we go as long as we're still talking Sundays.
  3. I'm throwing in my vote for SSRT, 2nd choice would be Lost Trails for me. I'm planning to ride both places around that time anyway.
  4. You mean she doesn't really find me interesting and attractive?
  5. Lumpneck

    Mud Cat

    It loves me no matter how I treat it. This is my favorite quad
  6. Lumpneck

    My little kitty

    Yeah, she's getting some beauty marks on her, but she's more fun now that I don't have to worry about every little boo boo!
  7. So, other than that, what have you been up to in your spare time? Sure missed you and Alliecat on the last ride. You'd have loved it...
  8. It was an awesome event! I have no doubts this year will be even better!
  9. Sounds like fun. September and October are my most favorite months!
  10. Is the 2005 an automatic choke, or manual? Just a hunch...
  11. I've cracked 73 by GPS with the Tcat on the hardtop a couple times. It'll do more, but I wont...
  12. Had to vote for the family truckster. All that hard work definitely paid off, and with that tire and wheel combo it looks FREAKing awesome!
  13. That's a great list with lots of good info. However, the last one, Lost Trails is now closed. They will be open next year in another location. It was sad to see it go, I loved that place, but I Just wanted to be sure nobody made the trip only to find the gates locked. Ride Lost Trails ATV Park

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