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Thanks eveybody. Here is a spec list on everything

AMR 800 bbk

XX Cams

Ported and Polished

Brute Force cylinders

36mm Carbs ( off a CBR 600 )

Big Kevs Performance intakes

VFJ Stage 3 Clutch

VFJ #4 clutch spring

LTE Dual Exhaust

+10 Swingarm

Boondockers Nitrous w/ a 30hp shot

ASR udjustable upper a-arms

IMS pegs and Heel Guards

Hardkore +3 billet hubs

Jettirm seat cover

CCP Steering Stabalizer

Rox anitivibe risers

Rox dash

Fasst Flex Bars w/ ODI grips

Maier Hood

AC Racing Bumper

HD Tie Rods

Big Kevs Performance stator cover

22" Dunestar dual rib fronts

25" Skat Trak 12 paddle - Trpple buffed - Extremes

Im sure I probably missed something but thats all I can think of right now, lol

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