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Need riding gear opinions from all you ladies.

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Well Im gonna start doing harescrambles on my quad, never did anything like it before so I never needed gear for it. Ive rode casual before and never wore any gear, i know i know I should of still worn some sort of protection... So Im gonna start with a helmet and chest protector. Im sure I can use most helmets but im worried about finding a chest protector. Im a lil bigger then average even tho Im losing weight and trying to get in shape for racing. So what do i do for a chest protector, do i go for only ladies or does it matter if I get a mens chest protector? I do have a wide chest so I worry if a ladies will fit me right or not. Every place I go in the area only carry mens so its hard for me to try a ladies on and im most likely gonna order it online cause its cheaper then ordering from the stores in my area. So any opinions? What has worked for you what hasnt? Any info would be great!! Thanks

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Can't go wrong with Fox, they have been making riding gear pretty much since the sport began. I use a Fox chest protector and I think it is great. Too bad there aren't more ladies to chime in here, just a couple of guys, one of the gals may come along and offer some female opinions that you were looking for.

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I have had both. I started with an oneal. Had to take the arm pieces off because when I would race motocross it would bruise my forearms. Now I have a womans and have no issues with the arm pieces. I do not have a models body. Lol And tried on a fox womans and I didn't like how it fit. The other difference between my new one and the mens oneal is the oneal was really tall. The womans comes about 3-5" above my belly button. I will look tomorrow to see what the brand is. It starts with an a.

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If you're a bigger boned girl, it's hard to find gear that fits comfortably.....especially if you have bigger tatas too!! LOL-----I can't wear any girls gear, not even gloves....my hands are too big. So, I get hte girlie colored guys gear, orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr this year I got white gear and painted it pink and purple with fabric paint---I got quite a few comments on that!!!!

Right now I wear O'Neal gear, and it's some of my favorite. I've had Fox, Thor and Answer women's gear in the past and the men's O'Neal gear is by far the most comfortable I've worn yet...

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