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Hi to everyone!!

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Hi Pete and Senator!! Pete, I ordered the carb kit today, should be here the same time as the new piston. Senator, welcome to you also!! Taking out gas tank today so when the piston comes I can get my friend to do the cylinder wall honing so I can get the beast running again...i'm getting quadsick!! :aargh:

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Pete loves stalkers.

yikes!!!!ok, I have a confession to make......this really should be posted in the Polaris forum,,,,BUT, I have been sharing all of this with you all so far......I did a "STUPID" and ordered the wrong size piston for the quad...i know, i know, i did not take the old one out before,,just ASS umed the next bore size, 20 over,,,,,well, the darn thing was sportin a 1.5mm over!!! SO, i ordered the 2mm over and am keeping the other one for the new cylinder, whenever that happens, plus i ordered a kit with the first one and needed the piston bearing and gasket set anyway,,,,lesson learned...hanginon, sorry bout the video I posted yesterday,,,not sure what happened so i took it down,,,was really cool quad in i think Canada or somewhere like that the guy had 26" wheels on it ans was pulling a jetski (one of my other loves, but not as much as TOP GUN!) wearing an old man face mask, going right through town like it was a daily occurrence, then he rode the crap outta the jetski, which was cool...it's on youtube: quadracer 26" (type in) and look on the sidebar for it, you cant miss it! I hope this thread does not seek the attention of Sgt Slaughter,,,,he scares me,,,LOL

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Cool I'll check that out. I had found a kawasaki from dirt wheeles no video of riding but just the motor running it's called mudzilla 05 BF750 meanest sounding quad I've heard. On YT

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soon as I get a new camera,,,,it went swimming with the kid on his 16th birthday party last month.........LOL cept I don't do butt floss!!:laugh:

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did what show up yet...the camera?? Heck no, remember i'm eating canned spam and hamburger helper for the next month cuz of what I spend on this quad in a month.....no money for a camera::frown: We have 4 wheeler day coming up in October and if I don't have my own camera by then...I'm sure someone else there will:laugh: who is asking about the butt floss??? Yhat's a G string...don't do those eewww!::no:

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