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Hi to everyone!!


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ok wylde1, u got the same quad I have....but mines a 2000,,,starter is on the bottom in the front???? Need to replace it....

yes it is on the bottom and in the front. Mine needs to be replaced too, but I have been using the recoil. It usually only takes 2 or 3 pulls so its not a big deal.

It doesn't look difficult to take off, but I don't have the money for a new one, so I haven't actually looked too hard at it.

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should get the new starter in a few days........mine used to start easy (1 or 2 pulls) too but is hard to start lately.....:confused:after the bendix was replaced so I could use the elect start and it started right up with elec start when I got it home then stopped the engine to fill tank with gas and it would not start again for about 1 hour, lots of pulling and bruised knuckles (really, ouch!):aargh: Have to adj carb, which was just cleaned, but too much effort to start with recoil....replaced selenoid too cuz it was just clicking.....and yes, charged battery....need elect start to adjust carb....will let u know how starter replacement goes....:skeptic:thanks for the input!!

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Hey Wylde1, replacing the starter was easier than I thought.........since I don't have a service manual yet (but have one I bought online coming any day now) I went online and searched how to replace it,,,,came up with quite a few answers, most were saying to take the clutch out to access........I have pretty small hands so this was the way I did it....drain gas tank, turned quad on its left side balanced the handgrip on a 5 gallon bucket which was upside down so quad did'nt fall over , remove recoil and heat shield, locate bolts, remove red starter wire, then bolts, tapped with rubber mallet to remove, replace gasket, rebolt and reverse order everything else......did'nt have a clutch puller from how the internet said to do it and when I looked at the diagram the bolts for the starter were on the right side of the bike anyway, so just looking saved me the hassle. I was done in 1 hour, maybe less. BUT, when it started on first try, it had no compression, which is another story.........sigh!! gonna try them Namura pistons and rings............20 over, maybe a new carb kit too

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Hi Pete and Senator!! Pete, I ordered the carb kit today, should be here the same time as the new piston. Senator, welcome to you also!! Taking out gas tank today so when the piston comes I can get my friend to do the cylinder wall honing so I can get the beast running again...i'm getting quadsick!! :aargh:

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Pete loves stalkers.

yikes!!!!ok, I have a confession to make......this really should be posted in the Polaris forum,,,,BUT, I have been sharing all of this with you all so far......I did a "STUPID" and ordered the wrong size piston for the quad...i know, i know, i did not take the old one out before,,just AS* umed the next bore size, 20 over,,,,,well, the darn thing was sportin a 1.5mm over!!! SO, i ordered the 2mm over and am keeping the other one for the new cylinder, whenever that happens, plus i ordered a kit with the first one and needed the piston bearing and gasket set anyway,,,,lesson learned...hanginon, sorry bout the video I posted yesterday,,,not sure what happened so i took it down,,,was really cool quad in i think Canada or somewhere like that the guy had 26" wheels on it ans was pulling a jetski (one of my other loves, but not as much as TOP GUN!) wearing an old man face mask, going right through town like it was a daily occurrence, then he rode the crap outta the jetski, which was cool...it's on youtube: quadracer 26" (type in) and look on the sidebar for it, you cant miss it! I hope this thread does not seek the attention of Sgt Slaughter,,,,he scares me,,,LOL

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