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  1. Kawasaki Tecate-4 1987 on the left, 1988 on the right
  2. Doin' the Dunin! I dig it dude :coolgleamAc:
  3. So by "mod it" do you mean... 1. Install a functional seat? 2. Relocate the fuel tank AWAY FROM the exhaust exit to avoid an explosion? 3. Rebalance the weight so you can actually ride it? 4. Choose between on-road and off-road tires so they functionally match? 5. Install a functioning braking system?
  4. We run a full synthetic 0w40 in our KFX450's and they love it. It's a good choice for your sportsman too
  5. Good Morning and welcome to one of the few remaining weekends of Summer 2012 :surfing:
  6. The DMV treats objects like women, man
  7. See what happens when you roll on Shabbas LOL!
  8. Senator


    Welcome aboard El Duderino! You want a Foreman? I can get you a Foreman.. believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know about it, believe me. Hell, I can get you a Foreman by 3 o'clock this afternoon...
  9. Your result for The Shit Hit The Fan Survival Test ... Pretty good You scored 86% Survival! You survived the event, and you're a pretty good person to call if the SHTF.Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average) You scored 86% on Survival, higher than 61% of your peers.
  10. Depending on whether the buyer or seller was more motivated that day, that R would change hands for between $900-$1100 here in the Pacific Northwest. As a trike nut, I keep my eye on these and it's about a thousand dollar bike anywhere you go these days.
  11. We run the Harbor Freight Aluminum Tri-fold as well. Like others mentioned, it's handy for the front wheel on the trikes.
  12. What are you trying to accomplish with the Stage 1 cams sebringwarrior? Are you trying to change the power delivery curve? Make it faster? Get those pesky Stage 1 cams off your workbench? Build it up for sale?
  13. In the beautiful sands of Florence, OR. Photo credit goes to Mrs. Senator and her snazzy camera lenses, shutter speed settings, etc.
  14. Yep and what's strange is that, depending on the retailer, sometimes NGK cost less and sometimes Honda cost less!?!
  15. I believe they're off the same assembly lines as NGK
  16. We took a gamble a few years ago on a Brand called Tusk. Now we get ALL our clutches and brake pads from this brand. RMATV sells them and very affordable. A full clutch pack for our Tecates runs $46, that's for Fibers, Steels and Springs...not bad. Their brake pads have served us just as well for just as affordably.
  17. We run primarily NGK but ended up with quite a few Honda recently. Bought a bunch for a tuning session and didn't end up needing to use most of them. ES are about $2.50 each EG are $5-$6 each We tune with ES and run EG
  18. Senator

    Sweet Tecate!
  19. Sure thing newbie, and welcome. It's not my protocol to promote one forum on another but, in this case, you need to know about the for sale section on a forum that specialized in 250Rs... For Sale I'm not a 250R guy and I don't know much about that forum other than it's where 250R info is shared and parts are bought/sold/located Good luck man

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