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1st Snow Ride with the Can-Am on Tracks

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Last weekend we had a pretty good storm go thru & the mountains got a pretty good dusting of snow. So a friend & I decided to go see how just how much snow was up there. :autoc:

When we got to where we unloaded at 0830, it was 24 degs Fwithout the wind-chill ... when we got back to the truck six hours later, it had really warmed up ... all the way to 28 degs F .... and with the wind-chill it was probably around zero degs F. :partyc:

There wasn't as much snow as the Snotel site reported, but we were lower in elevation. There was about 16 to 24 inches ... except where the wind had blown the snow away ... which also made for some fun drifts to play in ... and on the East side of hills, the snow had blown in making it real soft & deep ... more fun !! thumbs.gif .... The wind was howl'in all day & the snow was blow'in around too ... so there were no bugs, no dust ... AND NO PEOPLE !!! :ola:

....... it was AWESOME !!! banana1.gif

The new Can-Am did real well with the tracks & I had a blast ... :woot: The guy I went with had a 700 Grizzly & he got around great as well. Kinda sucked to have to come home ... :nopityc:

Make sure ya change the video view to 720p ... it'll look much better !! beerchug1.gif


Edited by Gunny

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Sweet Gunny !! That thing is bad ass !!Thanks for the Video :yes:

THANKS Quadnut guy !! ... :seeyac: ... and I think the same thing ...:cheer:

great video!!!!!

THANKS Hang'in dude ... :bow2:


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Awesome video, I watched it full screen on my 32" monitor in HD! I wish I was out there!!!! :yes:

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Awesome video, I watched it full screen on my 32" monitor in HD! I wish I was out there!!!! :yes:

THANKS Big Guy !! :bow2: ... :bow2:

32" monitor ?? ... DANG !! That would be cool !! ... I've been looking at getting a 27 inch one ... I don't have the room for a 32 inch one ... but that would be way cool !! :cheers2c:


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