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Lady Intro - Start Here

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I am checking in with all you ladies to see how we are doing here in this section. Welcome to all of you I have not welcomed in the past. Any feedback for us is greatly appreciated.

Fox300exchic and NEWCRIDER, are you both around?

Freakin Stalker!!!!!!!

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04 yfz450 LE. just got all of her stuff put on, new +2 rear axle, new protapers, cam mod, vapor computer system etc. i ride dunes/track/ trails.. whatever!

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yeah, i would really love to but as of right now only my boyfriend/friends supports me. No one else does in the fam, plus with him racing i just haven't got the time! but when i get older and can fully support my own career you bet i'll be out there!

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do you work? I don't know what kinda racing you have out there, what your boyfriend races, or what not...

but once you get out there and race, you'll see how awesome it is, and people will start to support you more...that's how it went for me. If you need any advice/help, let me know :)

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My name is Linda, I grew up in the Cali Desert with OHV's of all sorts! Horses too!

We now live in the Arkansas Ozarks. Definitely different terrain, But I do love the challenges of the mountain trails here!

My ride is an 1987 Bayou 300! I like it when people shake their head and say "Hmmm, I don't know!"

Yeah, whatever! Just go!

Anyway, We have 1 son and grandson that live in Washington.

My hubby and I have been together for 22 years!

Just wanted to say Hi!

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Ha ive been on here for almost a year and havent posted in here yet.

I have a 1997 YFM350x Warrior. I bought it very very very used in march, tore it down to the frame and me and my hunny gave it an amazing makeover. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It came out better than expected. Im so glad i got the opportunity to take it apart because i learned so much. :yes:

I live in upstate new york . Ive lived up here all my life....when i was a kid riding around here was great, all kinds of trails etc.... NOW...not so much....all the trails are gettin closed down, pretty much the only place you can ride legally is on a track...sad but true. You are required to register and insure your quad in new york...they say the money is supposed to go towards trails......havent seen that happen yet....

I work as a licensed veterinary technician in cat only hospital. Im not married yet but im with the "one" :) No kids unless you count my 3 cats.

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awesome info everyone :)

we have a new puppy!!! soooo now we have two babies, Riley and Jackson! Oh, and as if I don't talk about him enough in the other forums, I'm happily married to a RACERboy :)

He got me into quads and racing....we're the only married racing couple I know and I couldn't be more proud!

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      It is recommended that the youngest kid ATV riders should have an ATV that has an engine with no more than 4.3 cubic inches. There are not too many choices at this size for kids ATVs, but you want to ensure that your child is not riding a machine that it too large for them to handle.
      As a concerned parent, you should check into the ATV Safety Institute. This group offers safety courses all over the country. The experienced instructors will teach you and your kids about pre-ride inspections, warm up exercises, braking, turning, and shifting. They also teach you about clutch and throttle control and about the importance of body position and simple maintenance. In addition they cover riding techniques and how to tackle obstacles, hills and different kinds of trails. All of these issues are important safety issues for your kids ATV riding.
      So, what are the features will your kid's ATV have? One company has an experienced team of ATV enthusiasts that work with you on your kids ATV to hand select the perfect one. Each ATV they have is designed with safety in mind and they offer a 4-point safety system which includes a throttle limiter, an emergency kill switch, a safety kill tether and a remote kill key. The kid ATVs are safe and they come with a 4 stroke engine, headlights, an electric start and disk brakes. This company that focuses on safety with kid ATVs is Motorxtremes. They want to make sure that every kids ATV is safe and that the rider follows all safety precautions.
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