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    Got out with the boy the last two weekends to do some riding and set up for hunting on the new property. 42 degrees this am up there! Set up some new tree stands and cameras to see what’s moving around last week. Got up to pull the card from the cams, well surprise surprise there were some big bucks running around! Anyway back to the big city grind for another 5 days and we are out of here again Friday night!
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    Build me a winch on my lakota Test it today Greetings from Belgium
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    I have a 2001 suzuki quadmaster 500 4x4 automatic and i was wondering witch atvs it shares parts with i know it shares some with artic cat. Any info would be helpful.
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    Hey Gary welcome to Quadcrazy. Did you try to test from each of the stator wires to ground one at a time with a continuity tester? If you get a reading on any of the wires to ground then it’s a dead shirt inside the stator coil. Also with regard to the kill switch do the same for continuity testing as well as open the switch up and check it for water inside.
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    Good it was simple. If the machine is going to sit for awhile, I use sta-bil to keep the ethanol from fouling up the machine. Mike
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    No worries. Just take your time and you can do it. It’s not rocket science brother. Any questions ask away. You have a ton of support here.
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    A few things today. Fan is not spinning. Will have to jump the wires. To find out more. To dark to mess with it today. I did notice that while trying to put it into gear it would grind pretty bad then fall in. What should I be looking for here? I'm assuming it will be high idle but what else should I be checking? Thanks again. Hopefully I'll get this thing running good before snow falls as I bought it to plow a few sidewalks.
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    Cairo NY. There were 1300 on the cam @Ajmboy I was blown away. ThatS only a handful of what was on the cam. I set up a second one on the opposite side of the property. I will have more posted soon.
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    @Frank Angerano Great pics, love to see t his kind of stuff. If your CAMs capture any other animals, make sure you post them!!! Where's your property, approximately?
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    If you want to check valve clearances you can download the service manual for free here https://support.countrycat.com/?home_feed=feed&order_by=recent&taxonomy_59981_taxa=78b1c963-9296-4d06-a420-3a0114241c4f I would also suspect there was some bad gas in the tank, gas goes bad with the ethanol. Mike
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    Happy Hunting! Looks like you got some nice deer to choose from Mike
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    Welcome to Quadcrazy @Josh Cummins. Have you noticed if the cooling fan comes on? If not then locate the sensor on the radiator and you should find two wires going to it. If you take those two wires off while the key or engine is ON, jump the wires together and the cooling fan should come right on. If so then the sensor is probably bad. You can test it but it’s not worth it, just replace it. If you have seen the fan running then it could be a bad thermostat or water pump. I would lean more toward a thermostat. Make sure you order a gasket with it. If the fan is not coming on at all then there are two fuses that could stop that fan. One is at the fuse box and the other is an in-line fusable link that’s going to the fan.
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    That all depends on the color of the smoke. If it’s black smoke then it’s just the choke and a cold engine. If it’s a stuck ring which would be unlikely and more so valve seals then the smoke would blueish. Basically oil is seeping through the valve seal and making it’s way into the cylinder head and burning off when you fire it up.
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    I think you have a variator issue if it runs fine when jacked up and boggs down when sitting on the ground your variator is stuck in high gear mode , a thorough revision on the variator weights and proper belt positioning should solve your problem also check rear clutch spring is in good condition they often brake causing the problem you describe Please keep me posted Good luck!!
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    Hay James welcome to Quadcrazy. My guess would be that something is not connected the right way. Maybe one of the prongs on a plug has slipped out of the back, possibly a bad connection someplace. Maybe a plug is not connected etc. Check all fuses and grounds as well. You can start by double checking the obvious suspects just to be sure nothing burnt up. Stator coil tests, secondary coil tests and regulator coil tests. Is it possible that the battery was connected the wrong way for a split second ? Have you double checked the ignition switch and kill switch are ok ? If you disconnected the battery prior to the work then there should be no problem. If something got shorted out then it’s good to be a process of elimination.
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    lol yup. Mine is a 2005 and it was yellow, so I painted it blue. But I like your pepsi blue better. I think the engines are different sizes though. If I remember right, the 250x is 246cc and the 250ex is 229cc. The 300ex is a bored out 250x. I'm pretty sure the engines are the same, only the jug is bigger on the 300 (282cc). They bumped it up 36cc and added a starter. I guess that's where the E comes from in EX. I'm not sure which weighs more. My 250ex is 350lbs. I weighed it myself. My quadsport is a little over 300lbs. I can bunny hop it with the engine off. The 250x is probably in the middle of the two. The shaft drive really sucks. I put bigger tires on hoping to go faster, but it didn't make much difference... I'm still searching for 6th gear lol
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    Not the OP but thanks for the pics! Helped a ton.
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    Valves out of adjustment maybe, your idle could just be set too low, could be a small air leak in the intake somewhere causing it to run lean at an idle.
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