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  2. Ok my case broke where the starter gear goes so i was wondering if someone has ever welded a case before to fix this a different case is just crazy so im looking at welding it and making it stronger i talked to a few guys and they said there a common problem in these wheelers
  3. Ok i got a 1991 polaris trail boss 350 i bought from my neighbor and he didn't know what was wrong with it here the piston skirt broke off and dropped in the bottom end i ripped motor out and ripped it apart to get the pieces out and everything looks good so i put it back together it needed a key so i bought a new one well it didn't work so i bought one off a junk wheeler and it worked but wont shut it off i revs up so what could be causing this. And my transmission dont have high range what made this happen?
  4. Im working on a polaris trail boss 350 and need the secondary off can i use a bolt and if i can what size is it?
  5. Ok now i pulled stator out of my junk wheeler that run but cam chain stretched on and i pull carb off of my running timberwolf and it idles and revs up but once it gets warm it dies and wont start again what could this be? Its not carb pulled it back off myn put it on running wheeler and it runs great so something is still wrong with myn
  6. Ok i pulled stator out of parts machine and i pulled carb from one i have that runs good but as soon as it gets warm it dies i thought maybe something wrong with carb when i pulled it so i took it off myn and put it back on running one and that one ran great so there's something still wrong with myn wat could it be?
  7. I looked i can get one from any where for the same price i got two more timberwolfs the same year the one i ran it to the ground it ran but cam chain stretched and i never had to replace stator and the other one looked like a new machine when i got it iv had great luck with that one
  8. Ya i think i mite replace the stator and yea i know where its at
  9. I changed coil off one that runs and it looks kinda white the spark but it don't look bad i looked at the other one and it looked about the same
  10. I got a 1994 yamaha timberwolf that 2 years ago i bought put carb on off a parts one had it running but not the best so i rebuilt the carb seemed to run good then i left it sit i wanted to ride it so,i took carb apart to clean it looked good had it running but wouldn't idle not a big deal then it died so i gave up on now trying to start wont do anything i checked spark looks good, has great compression and its getting gas i sprayed starter fluid in it and it still wont do anything what the heck could be wrong?

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