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  2. Is there anything I can do to make this little quad go faster? Thank you
  3. I'm a bike guy I race motocross and ride single track. I'm 51 years old I might add. My wife was wanting to go with me since there's a bike trail and. Quad Orv trail that run parallel to each other. I bought her a 14 rancher she loved it. Then she got the bright idea of buying another quad. So we bought another rancher a 17 and I got a new 18 Honda crf450 bike. So now when I'm not racing or trail riding with the guys I take her riding. It's nice to ride with her and spend time on the trails with her. Oh so now she found a mint 02 Honda 250ex. Yeah I bought it for her. I think she has a buying problem. She's up to 3 quads now.😳😂
  4. Hi all, names Todd live in Michigan I take the wife out trail riding on the quads when I'm not riding single bike track with my buddies. We roll around the Baldwin area. If anyone rides there give me a shout
  5. We run the Baldwin area. Lincoln hills. Little o,big O, carrieville, tin cup
  6. Just picked up a mint 250ex for the wife hope not to have this issue

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