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  1. Wacker


  2. You happen to have a rear diff? Even if the bearings are bad, all I need is a new housing.
  3. Flex agent and a quality auto paint and primer is all you will need. I prefer bulldog. You can spray it on the panel first to be used as an adhesion promoter, then mix it with the primer and paint and its a flex agent. If you don't have a paint gun, the Harbor Freight purple gun will suffice for this kind of job.
  4. Oil technology has come a long way. Its all preference at this point. The key is to change the fluids at the recommended intervals. Use any quality oil of the correct viscosity, change it regularly, and you will be fine.
  5. Good info. Helped me determine the ACTUAL year of the quad my son bought.
  6. I'm so happy I found this resource. My son got a Big Bear 400 for next to free and it needs a LOT of work. Motor runs great but the diffs are shot and the suspension needs rebuilt.

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