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  1. I've looked at the 4x4 manuals and several videos, but the parts and procedures are inconsistent with my machine. For example, it's suggested to swap a gray and white cable, but I do not have gray and white cables, especially in the location suggested. I'm really at a loss...
  2. I most have a rare ATV, because I can not find a service manual without paying money to Kawasaki. It's a 2005 Prairie 360 2x4. 4x4 manuals are all over the place, but nothing for a 2x4 . Heck, Bike Bandit doesn't even list parts for a 2x4. Any suggestions besides paying Kawa. My machine is in limp mode and I've yet to find an applicable video or even procedure.
  3. Quad Bug

    2002 Kawasaki 650 Prairie - Drive Belt Squeal

    Man, I had an older 360 that squealed like crazy.. I never fixed it and sold it as is. Now I have another Prarie...
  4. Quad Bug

    2009 Kawasaki Prairie 360 - Rev Problem

    I'm having a similar nightmare
  5. Quad Bug

    Ser Manul Kaw 300 Prairie

    I'm looking for a manual as well...
  6. Quad Bug

    2005 Kawasaki Prairie 700 No speed

    It's a design feature called "limp mode"
  7. Quad Bug

    2005 Kawasaki Prarie 700 has no speed at all

    Did you consider "limp mode" issues?
  8. Quad Bug

    KLF300 Manual

    Sign-in requried for download
  9. Quad Bug

    02 Prairie 650 Repair Manual

    Got to get in 10 posts to download... understandable but an odd requirment
  10. Quad Bug

    KLF 300 4x2 torque limiter

    At the risk of sounding dumb, what is a torque limiter?
  11. I have an 05 2x4 Prairie 360 that is now in "limp mode". I happened when I my son was riding it and I didn't discover it until some time later. After hours of searching, the only service manuals I can find are for 4x4 and they recommended procedures are not applicable to my model. There is a manual on this forum but I can't download it until I get 10 posts, replies, etc.
  12. Quad Bug


    New guy here... just saying hi