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  1. Check the plug boot, it has a resistor in it and it can go bad, should read about 5300 ohms. When it starts to get bad, it can deliver a weaker spark which will likely be enough to fire up on ether. The coils rarely go bad, it's usually that plug boot resistor and you can buy it and/or the boot and wire without the coil. The dealer will likely try to sell you the boot/wire/coil assembly. I just went through this issue, running fine one day, then no start next time. Ray
  2. No I haven't and too many other things on the go at this time.
  3. Something I've noticed with the AWD on/off operation. When AWD switch is in the on position and the AWD light is on (trans engaged), turning the AWD switch off kills the engine. With trans in neutral, AWD light is off, turning switch off does not kill engine. Since I don't have the operators manual yet, I'm wondering if this is normal operation? Thanks, Ray
  4. I have several 1" & 2" tie down ratchet straps, but I recently picked up a set of 1-1/2" 5900 lbs.rating with the double J-hooks. A real nice set for quad tie down.
  5. Anything but IE. Currently using Firefox and Opera. Had been using SeaMonkey for a long time. Must up-date it and get back to it. For you long ago NetScape users, SeaMonkey is your current replacement.
  6. What I have and use at this time. (pics from last fall when I bought my Sportsman 500, two + hrs from home.)
  7. I see this older thread popped up, so thought I'd add to it. I bought an older Polaris Sportsman 500 ('96) last fall. I mainly bought it as a utility vehicle, for use around woodlots etc. Had it out to a buddy's 65 acre woodlot/building lot last sunday and was quite impressed by it's performance. I think it's a keeper
  8. 63. 1996 Sportsman 500, had it out yesterday at my buddy's wood lot, still over a foot of snow in some places. Quite impressed with its' performance and capabilities.
  9. Just picked up a 1996 Sportsman 500 mainly for work, now have to build a log arch or two over the winter.
  10. Just bought my first quads, mainly for work. Now need to build a log arch or two.
  11. Thinking of retiring in the spring. Was at a buddy's this summer and had a chance to ride his 2003 Sportsman 500 HO (possibly a H.O.R.S.E model) a bit helping out at a music festival he hosts. Was going to buy it, but he decided to keep it. It's in great shape. Bought a 2001 Xplorer 400L a few months ago, won't go into reverse. A little more trouble shooting and I may have to pull the tranny out for repairs. Just bought a 1996 Sportsman 500 with factory service manual. Previous owner of eight years practically rebuilt it over that time, needed TLC when he bought it. Stills needs a few things, but in quite good shape. Trans been replaced with one from a 2000. Also just bought a 1998 Sportsman 500 not running. Just quit on him on the trail, likely the pick-up coil, but will trouble shoot and repair, then re-assemble. Chassis in decent shape otherwise, but needs front tires. Photo: 1996 Sportsman 500. Just picked up.
  12. 2001 Xplorer 400L > 570 lbs dry. 1996 Sportsman 500 > 649lbs dry. 1998 Sportsman 500 >660 lbs dry.
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