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  1. RAYAR

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!

    Just picked up a 1996 Sportsman 500 mainly for work, now have to build a log arch or two over the winter.
  2. RAYAR

    Work vs play

    Just bought my first quads, mainly for work. Now need to build a log arch or two.
  3. RAYAR

    How did you get into Quads?

    Thinking of retiring in the spring. Was at a buddy's this summer and had a chance to ride his 2003 Sportsman 500 HO (possibly a H.O.R.S.E model) a bit helping out at a music festival he hosts. Was going to buy it, but he decided to keep it. It's in great shape. Bought a 2001 Xplorer 400L a few months ago, won't go into reverse. A little more trouble shooting and I may have to pull the tranny out for repairs. Just bought a 1996 Sportsman 500 with factory service manual. Previous owner of eight years practically rebuilt it over that time, needed TLC when he bought it. Stills needs a few things, but in quite good shape. Trans been replaced with one from a 2000. Also just bought a 1998 Sportsman 500 not running. Just quit on him on the trail, likely the pick-up coil, but will trouble shoot and repair, then re-assemble. Chassis in decent shape otherwise, but needs front tires. Photo: 1996 Sportsman 500. Just picked up.
  4. RAYAR

    What does your quad weigh ?

    2001 Xplorer 400L > 570 lbs dry. 1996 Sportsman 500 > 649lbs dry. 1998 Sportsman 500 >660 lbs dry.
  5. RAYAR