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  2. Thanks for letting me know I don't have to replace the rear shock right away. And thanks for your fast response. The holes aren't above or lower. They are right next to each other. I'm guessing to make the shock stand up straighter. Maybe a weight thing? I guess that could raise it a bit My son is 66lbs. Is there a way to tell if they should be in inner or outer hole?
  3. Hello Just bought a used 2014 outlaw 90. I noticed at the top of the front shocks there is 2 mounting holes for the shocks. By the markings the shocks used to be mounted in the inner holes now the shocks are mounted using the outer holes. Googling I can't find the reason for these two holes. 2nd question is about the rear suspension When I push the suspension down it is very slow at raising back up. Should it be slow? Is it a safety thing for kids so it doesn't bounce them off. The spring adjustment is on the second lob from softest. Has painted arrows so I'm guessing it's from factory. Has anyone touched one of these machines and could tell me if this is normal? Thanks
  4. Just got my son 2014 outlaw 90. No big issues with it yet. Hoping this manual will answer some questions about the machine. Thanks
  5. Empty old gas if any. Fill gas and hope they run and seals are good. You could check oil level. Just have to see if they turn over and fix what's needed from sitting.
  6. I have a 07 wolverine 450. Just got my son a 2014 outlaw 90
  7. My opinion. If there's not a lot of metal in the fluid. I'd drain what I could and fill it back up. If there's metal in the fluid or excess noise then I'd take the pan off and see what's failing
  8. The wife and I use our Bluetooth headsets and our phones to chat while riding or anytime.
  9. Thought I'd stop in and say hi. Hi from Iowa.

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