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  1. Thanks for the welcomes! Can't wait to dig into the forum more. Lots of useful info on here!
  2. I'll have to measure the ground clearance. Are we talking just the lowest spot on the frame that would drag? I'm guessing it would be the rear differential. The tires are just the stock Dunlops or whatever comes on Honda Foremans.
  3. Here is my '02 Honda Recon. I call it my "Budget" ATV since I'm trying to keep my mods cheap! I wish I could post two pictures to show you a before and after, but here is a pic of it today. I was wanting something mainly that I could take deer hunting and play around on. When I traded for it a month ago, it was bone stock, bald tires, "PINK" handlebar grips, rusty racks, no brakes, etc. Since then, I've fixed the brakes, added a 2" lift, added 1.5" wheels spacers, painted all the racks, got some black handle bar grips, added a 2,000 lb winch, added a camo rear pack/padded seat, and 25" wheels and tires from a Honda Foreman. I was glad to find the wheels and tires locally for $125. They were like brand new and bigger than stock. I modified a snow plow I found laying around from a lawn mower to clean off my driveway. It's not fancy, but save my back from scooping snow! All in all, I have about $1,500 in it total.
  4. Do the decks follow the ATV directly behind or is it sitting off to the side a little? My dad has alot of land to mow and I'm wanting to try to help him out. Thanks!
  5. Yes, please show! I have just recently picked up an older Recon and wanting to camo it up a little. I would love to see your results!
  6. We have been getting snow about every 3 or 4 days here in Kansas. We are supposed to get another 3 to 5 inches tomorrow night! I was worried about how my 2WD Honda Recon would do in the snow, but it's doing well. I have even been plowing some!
  7. I live about 5 hours north in Kansas. I have always wanted to go down to the dunes in OK. Thanks for the pics! Looks like a blast!!
  8. Hello all! I just found you wonderful site recently. Love it! So much information. I became owner of '01 Recon that needed some work. Well a month later it's looking pretty good and serves its purpose well. Glad to have found the forum!
  9. Sweet snorkel setup. I was wondering how easy it would be to do this. Is it recommended that you also do the vent lines when you do this? I saw yours attached to the snorkels. Thanks!
  10. I recently put some on my Honda Recon 250, which is no where near the beast yours is, but I love mine. It is way less tippy and had a better stance. I do not jump or tear it up to much so maybe that's why mine are working so well. I use my machine mostly for offroading going to and from deer stands as well as plowing snow.
  11. I was wanting to add some larger tires so I decided to find a 2" lift. I decided to go with one I found on Ebay that included 1.5" wheel spacers. I am very happy with both the ride and the looks now. What do you think?
  12. Thanks for asking this. I was wondering the same thing!
  13. Nothing fancy, just an '02 F-150. Get out the ramps and throw it in the back! Granted it's a lot cleaner in this photo. It was before hunting season!

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