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  2. i did my problem is they sent me something that was broken right out of the box switch was broken had scratches on it, it was used not new
  3. nice i wish they had trails like that in new jersey
  4. spent 600 dollars with cheap cycleparts.com and i will never deal with them again. i bought a whole set up to put a plow on my quad . they sent me a power max electric blade lift and it did not work out of the box and the lock switch was broken on the side of it they would not warranty it. so i called cycle country and they are sending me a new one and i have to send the old one back to them. but this is a pain in the butt because i have 3 feet of snow and a very big driveway and my snow blower broke.
  5. anybody ever bought from this place Cycle Country Search Results - Cheap Cycle Parts
  6. another one [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ioFrsKgwUY]YouTube - plowing snow with honda 300ex home made snow plow 2wd[/ame]
  7. here goes a 2wd with a plow [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM7HaFBcRik]YouTube - yamaha warrior swisher atv plow superwinch winch manual clu[/ame]
  8. still looking for the parts anybody know any cheap sites on line for parts
  9. anybody from jersey ever heard of a place in south jersey named blue lagoon people ride here its somewhere off of route 55
  10. dog(pit bull) or a metal bb gun or just catch him in a dark alley
  11. dame why didn't i think of ebay thanks
  12. need a starter relay (solenoid) it burned out bike wont start it belongs to my son and i ordered one from baja and its on back order but my problem is that its been 2 months so does anyone know where else i can find one

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