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  2. Do you think a King Quad 300 would have enough power to move a set of tracks in low all the time?
  3. And i was told 750 hours on a rancher so thats what i went with but idk maybe not
  4. alright....well good luck with it, keep me posted
  5. How many total hours do you have on the machine? if you know... Because it is good to get valve adjustments like every 750 hours
  6. Then i would just start with an adjustment. How many hours do you have on that?
  7. Are you able to do at least a valve adjustment by yourself? Because that might be all that is wrong with it and that way you will save a little money
  8. Ya it ran great for the time that i was able to run it... my starter clutch went out a little while after that so it isnt running right now. But when i replaced the valves, i had my timing chain off by 1 chain link and my piston was hitting my valves again, and i was worried about my valves bending but i got that fixed again at work this time and the valves werent bent at all and it ran great after that too.
  9. Could be your starter, it clicks like that when your starter is bad.... Happened to me and my dad.... But anyway I would try tapping the starter with the back of a screwdriver and hold down the starter button at the same time and see if it turns over. If it turns over you need a new starter.
  10. I dont know much about the best brand to get, they all gotta be somewhat good if they still make their product, so the brand isnt a big deal. I would go just look for your best price. I did the valve job on mine and it was like 18$ for one an 26$ for the other and they worked fine when it was running
  11. I got a 91 king quad 300 that i got from a guy for 900$ and it was running great when i got it, but now both front CV joints went after having it in 4WD for only a couple times. Now i found that it need a starter clutch also and then a jet in the carb that doesnt come in the carb kit either... I replaced the valves and honed out the cylinder and the piston was in great shape so i didnt touch that. But im wondering if it is worth fixing for everything that is wrong with it. I do the fixes myself however. This thing has amazing power in super low and i just dont want to give it up but idk what to do?????
  12. Your piston is hitting your valves... probaly going to have to replace valves, or at least get your valves adjusted, but they might be bent now since the piston was hitting it... if thats what it is.
  13. If you are going to look at the valves i would just change them. Changing the valves on them arent too bad. I did it myself on my 91 KQ 300 and it really wasnt that bad. The only problem i had was that i had my timing chain 2 links off TDC and i finally figured that out when i took it in. But if your just going to adjust them you are going to need a feeler gauge that is bend about an inch and a half down from the end because you gotta reach down a little ways to get in there. (The valves are pretty cheap by the way)

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