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  2. my opinion on this you have it figured out. another thing i would possibly check would be your relay and if the bike has a belt light i would check it to see if mabey it is resetting itself i used to have a kawasaki 750 bruteforce that done this exact same ended up being belt lite needed to be reset from factory. but also mine wouldnt run very strong as it was i could get the bike to fire though.
  3. im not much on suzuki but if it was a honda 400ex i would go with a 416 big bore because it runs just like the 440 kit except cheaper and also the bike doesnt run as hot so if their is any kit like that for the z400 i would go for it!
  4. if its sucking air through your tail pipe i would check and see if when u try and start the bike if the carb pushes gas into the breather then you know their is either a whole in your piston, rings are shot, or your intake valve is stuck open and the head is pushing air instead of sucking from the carb and out the tail pipe. compression problems could be as simple as no plug in the bike bad piston bad rings anything of that nature check your carb and see if its pushes gas into your breather when you try and start it then let me know what happens.
  5. when you were rewiring the bike you could have done the forward and reverse backwards? it is easily done getting into wiring harneses also i would look into the plugs that run into ur shifter and see if those are hooked properly, and i have no idea how the stator done all that damage sorry figured an opinion could help though.
  6. Honestly i have about the same problem with an 07 honda 450er that pops/crackles from the exhaust but only at steady low throttle i changed my jets around to a 172 main 42 pilot and a 55 leak jet the bike cleared up and now runs alot better but still has the crackle kind of cutting out while at steady low throttle i think my problem is to low of a pilot jet because that controls your throttle response in a way or mabey the throttle positioning sensor on the carb, let me know if your 05 was doing this before or after the exhaust and i will try to help you out also Quad let me know if you may know the problem with mine thank you much.

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