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    ATVAIR - Fix Flats From Your Exhaust Pipe

    The Only Thing Worse Than a Flat is no Compressor to Fill It.   img1.jpgTire troubles can be a hassle, even if you're close to your hauler. Imagine a flat miles away from nowhere. If you don't have a compressor, you're in for a long walk out.  

    On longer treks, it could be a life and death situation. You could take one of those junky "portable" air compressors that require a great deal of valuable space and a strong battery to run. The same compressor that tends to fall apart and takes minutes to put a tiny amount of air in your tires. Or, you could take ATVAIR with you.  With no electricity required, the ultra high quality American made ATVAIR is small enough to toss in your toolkit for those times when you or one of your buddies needs some air.  Easy to use, quick filling and affordable, the ATVAIR is one tool no ATV rider should be without.  

    When you think about it, a gas engine is simply a powered compressor. Instead of hauling a bulky, electric compressor around, simply put a hose on your built in ATV compressor and have all the air you could ever need, up to 30PSI depending upon the model.  

    Super Easy to Use!   atvimg2.jpg When you find yourself with a flat or dangerously low tire, simply put your ATV in neutral, and put on the brake. Connect the locking ATVAIR Stainless and Brass filler valve to the tire valve stem, and gently insert the rubber cone into the muffler. In a minute or two, your tire is full! It's that easy.  

    A couple of things you need to know. Don't press the cone all the way into the pipe or it will kill the engine. Allow some exhaust to escape, there will still be plenty of tire filling pressure. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation and use some good leather gloves to keep from getting burned.  

    Great new item to carry with you on the trails! Visit http://www.atvair.com/ for ordering info.    

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