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A Glimpse of the NEW QUADCRAZY!

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We'd like to share with all of you a glimpse of what is coming soon. QUADCRAZY is undergoing some design changes and bringing in new features. A new logo and an overall new look for our community!

I'm sharing with you the new design, specifically the forum pages. We have felt for a long time that we needed to brighten this place up a bit. Below you will see a glimpse of the main forum page and the thread page. We still have sections of the community that need to be wrapped up and updated before this all takes affect. More info to come down the road.

We welcome your feedback!



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I like it, what a difference! Looking at it close, I see members locations! That's a great addition, to be able to see in the post where people are from.

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Thank you everyone for the positive feedback! We're still working on different sections of the community and as soon as I have more info, I will post it here. We wanted to focus on the forum first, and now that we are comfortable with it, were moving on to some other sections that require updating before we move to this layout.

There will be a series of updates that will require us to shut down the site temporarily in stages. Everyone will get an e-mail regarding any updates to QUADCRAZY.

Thank you all for your support.

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This is the coolest forum setup I have ever seen...and you are making it better? :wacko::yes: The profile's rock! Nice work.

Welcome to QUADCRAZY! Thanks for the feedback!

We have been toying with a change like this for a while now. It'll be a good change with some nice new features.

Every member recieves their own profile page, which is customizable! Visit you settings page at

This link is available to logged in members only. Please login or register to view this link.

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I agree this place is awesome now, I didn't like the all black, background this background is easier to read:oscar::coolgleamAc:

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I sortof miss the old site.. but hey new update and hopefully new people with ATV's!, UTV's! ,3 wheelers!

But I did notice somehow my age is 17 now but I'm still 16...

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    • By Admin
      It has come time that we make some changes around here, things are a bit old and running on old technology. There have been so many advances in coding and platform technology that we are way behind the ball. We need to get up to speed.
      We will be upgrading QUADCRAZY to a newer forum driven platform. When that does happen, we will be moving over our members and forum topics/posts only. At this given time, we are not planning on bringing over any videos, pictures, or personal messages. Our forum is the most important and visited section of this community. This will allow everyone to have a fresh start with newer photos and videos to share in the community and build some new content and friends. Our ETA to launch our new site is by October 1st, but that is TBD still. Please save all of your information that is not in the forum.
      I wanted to give everyone enough opportunity to digest this and start thinking about any info that they may need that is not in the forum. As we make progress, Ill post some images of our upgrade work and keep everyone posted. More to come!
    • By quadcrazy
      As we close the 2014 year and plan for 2015, we have decided to shut down a few sections here on QUADCRAZY. Effective immediately, we are closing our Blogs, Groups, Events, Polls, Photo Battle, Quiz, and Music sections. These are not widely used by our community and often attract spammers. Any questions and posting should be primarily made in our forum section as we move forward.
      In 2015 we will focus on making sure our forum continues to be the primary spot for our members to gather, ask questions, and share their ATV experiences. We are also exploring ways to update our community to newer and more up to date platforms as technology is changing, mobile connectivity is growing, and some of our sections are not as "mobile friendly" as we would like.
      It's been about 10 years now for QUADCRAZY, we're looking for another great 10 years to come. Please continue to support us by visiting www.quadcrazy.com and participating in our forums.
      Thank you and Happy Holidays from the QUADCRAZY family to yours!
    • By Ripcity
      Looking forward to the new lifestyle. Bought my son a Blaster a couple of weeks ago. He was bored riding by himself so I picked up a 2004 Sportsman 600. Wow!! What a blast. Tore up the backyard yesterday playing cops and robbers. Got a few new paintball welts today. I am sending out a warning to all ATV riders in Wisconsin. We are new. And are we excited!!! Living the good life has no end.
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      A milestone for QUADCRAZY, today we had our 10,000th member register! That member was winway, who has taken us over this threshhold. Congratulations to this community and to all of its participating members who make QUADCRAZY a Go To Online ATV destination!
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      Since our forum is the backbone of this site, we decided that for the next 3 months, we were going to reward forum participation! So, with the help of our contest sponsors, we're able to put up a nice contest for the members of this ATV community! Now from October through December, the top member with the most forum posts each month, will win the Grand Prize of one of every prize below! (Prizes can be added by sponsors anytime) You must have at least 30 posts for that month, to win. Please click on the sponsors for more info on the prizes.
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