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07 Arctic Cat 500 automatic - NO POWER

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Hello all! I have a 07 Arctic Cat 500 automatic, I went riding a couple weeks ago and it ran perfect. I parked it and it sat, I went to fire it up yesterday and I have no power. No lights, dash, nothing at all! The battery is fully charged and fuses are fine, it turns over when i jump the solenoid but wont start because no power. any ideas would be appreciated

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Sounds like you have a break somewhere. Check your battery connections first. So when you turn the key on, you have no lights or power, correct? I would start checking all the wiring to make sure there are no break/disconnects if fuses are good. Check the ignition switch first and work your way from there. This is of course if your battery is indeed fully charged. Is there a main fuse under the fender or seat?

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What you need to do is verify first that you do indeed have voltage at the ignition, the red wire. Next, turn ignition on and verify voltage at the red/black wire, next step is to check voltage at the 10 amp ignition fuse.

If this passes, check the ground connections, measure voltage from battery to frame.

2007 Cats were common for having wire breaks in the harness. I had a 2007 400 and had several harness issues.

There is a post on how to take this diagram and print it out on several sheets of paper to make one big diagram.



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Well I had voltage to the ignition the first time I checked it, after pullingon the harness to find a short I didn’t have voltage the second time I checked. There was indeed a short somewhere going to ignition. 

Instead of pulling everything thing apart I just tapped into the power for the ignition from the 12v accessory plug next to it. I just tied power into it and fired right up. 

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Ok that is good for a test, but do not run the machine like that for long! What you did proves there is a wire break to the ignition. The break is in the red/black wire from the fuse block to the ignition. You need to take the harness apart and inspect it closely. Pay attention to where the harness crosses over the frame areas which are common areas for wires to rub through and break.

Once done, and the harness is taped up good, use some spiral wrap to add a layer of protection. These pictures is a 2010 366 which suddenly popped ignition fuses. I found a bare wire leading down to the 4WD actuator. While the plastics were off, I inspected the rest of the harness and found this area was starting to rub, but not yet causing a problem so I wrapped it to prevent any issues.

0506181021 (Medium).jpg

0506181033 (Medium).jpg

0506181035 (Medium).jpg

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