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1998 Arctic Cat 454

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Looked at this one-owner 1998  454 today.  Pics below.  Do you see TONS of cash being tossed into this thing?  I like the low miles but I don't like the electrical "arrangement."

1360 miles - one owner that used it for hunting - owner said it has been outside, as is, for 5-6 years (he originally told me 10 years).

-a marine battery charges EVERYTHING (I didn't think this was possible) - he did this primarily for the wench  - a charged 12v battery didn't turn anything on the instrument panel - a charged marine battery would help but I didn't have one in my back pocket

-no oil detected after taking off cap and I put my finger in DEEP.  no gas in tank.  brake fluid reservoir not dried up but has dark/old fluid

-tires w/ good tread but cracking walls - some rims rusted but appear to be straight           -air box dry but filter old/useless       -original carb - didn't take out to inspect

-foot shifter felt good/cycled through the gears      -pull start worked but I failed to check for spark

-and then there's the WIRES... and WIRES... and WIRES.   Basically neuroanatomy 101.  More like Arctic Cat Nightmare 101.  New wiring harness on ebay runs around $70 - but this guarantees nothing.

But the plastics are good xD

Thoughts and opinions welcomed.  "Run away" -- "You're an idiot if you pay more than $XX for that piece" -- "Don't even THINK about it"

Pictures below - may involve a second/third page








more pics






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pull start turned engine over - that's all I checked - didn't really know what all to check.  I didn't check its roll - the owner is bad handicapped and and I wouldn't have been able to push or pull this 600+ pound machine.  ground is soft and still moist from recent rain

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you ever part anything out?  I hear people doing this on ebay but wonder if they make their money back.  carb likely good and I can rebuild that if needed - saw an original carb on ebay for a $175 but it doesn't mean it'll sell

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It’s hit or miss with parting. Yes they sell but at a very slow pace. Worst case scenario. Buy it. And swap the motor into a go cart or something. I’ve done that and posted on Facebook marketplace the things I didn’t need.

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Does it have a title?

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Not even a $50 bill?  But this one has KEYS, dammit - and LIKELY a title! xD

But I hear ya.  No tellin' how deep that wiring crap goes. 

Tell me this: is that battery scenario even possible?  I mean, he said he ran the entire thing off that marine battery - starting it, using the winch, lights, everything.  Isn't that too much power?  I think those marine batteries run at a lower power setting overall - would it be powerful enough to start the thing?  There weren't even any wires in the battery area - everything was hooked up to the marine battery.  Odd - and beyond my knowledge.  Rednecks are inventive, gotta give them (us) that!

By the way - the Honda TRX 250 wasn't getting a spark - I dried out the CDI with a heat gun (versus oven) for a few minutes last night and it now has a spark.  But it still isn't starting.  I'll go back to that post for the other things to check.  One thing at a time.

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Not even a $50. Its far gone but salvageable, that will come with a hefty cost. The battery is fine for what he was using it for, its actually not a bad idea since the winch draws a lot of juice. Im sure he used it for a work horse.   Looks that way.  

Trx: i did that trick with the cdi and it worked! 

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22 hours ago, Frank Angerano said:

Not even a $50. Its far gone but salvageable, that will come with a hefty cost. The battery is fine for what he was using it for, its actually not a bad idea since the winch draws a lot of juice. Im sure he used it for a work horse.   Looks that way.  

Trx: i did that trick with the cdi and it worked! 

I have seen this modification done on several quads. The marine grade battery is more tolerant of being drained low (heavy winch usage) and the charging system can recharge the battery, slower then a vehicle alternator, but it will do it. The cost is not that much different to put this battery on verses replacing the original.

Wiring on this quad is not that complicated, even if its been hacked up, it can be repaired.



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