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1998 Artic Cat 454 4X4 Starting Problems

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I'm a newbie with ATV's and was given a '98 454 4X4 Artic Cat by my brother. It has been sitting for about a year without being run so I changed the oil, charged the battery and replaced the spark plug but I can't seem to get it to start. It only has 689 hr

Where should I start the trouble shooting? Any help would be appreciated.


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Congrats on the atv.

First, with key on , is there power? What happens when you hit the start button? I know you charged the battery, but it still could be dead. Did you try the pull start? Is the choke working properly and on when starting?

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There is power. The lights come on and the green light highlights the N (neutral). I have tried the pull start with no luck. When I hit the start button I can hear the motor turning over similar to when i pull start. Is the chock the right beside the start button? It seems to be worn and I'm not sure if full choke is all the way down or up. How would I go about check the choke? Thanks for your help

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Make sure the fuel switch is not off or on reserve. Also some quads you need to hold the handbrake when starting it or put it in park. when you crank it, does it seem the starter is moving slow? You may want to add a booster to the battery if so. Maybe the battery is week and not strong enough to fully crank it over.

Another thing, since it was sitting...your float in your carb could be stuck. You could spray some fuel into the air intake to see if it is a fuel starvation issue.

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Thx for all your help. I have changed batteries. I sprayed some starter fluid in the air intake. I was able to crank it for a few seconds but will not stay cranked. Also, will only crank if I spray the starter fluid. Would this suggest a fuel starvation issue? If so how do I need to trouble shoot? Thanks

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When you say "crank" are you saying that it sounds like it wants to start? If you're spraying starting fluid and it only sounds like it's going to start then...yes...it's not getting fuel.

Check your fuel petcock and make sure it's ok...there should be a lever or switch on the side of the quad or somewhere closer to the carb that has an ON, OFF, and RES setting. Make sure itis not on OFF..due to the fact that it was stored.

You may need to take the carb apart as it might have a stuckj float due to sitting around..happns. If the float is stuck down, fuel will not enter the carb bowl.

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drain the fuel and clean the carb they get gummed up with varnish from old gas. Plus stale gas has a much lower flash point and is not good for the wheeler.

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drain the fuel and clean the carb they get gummed up with varnish from old gas. Plus stale gas has a much lower flash point and is not good for the wheeler.

This sounds like it will fix it. I also run sea foam through every other tank of gas. It keeps everything clean.

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