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2000 Suzuki QuadMaster LT-A500F Does Not Run


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Hey, I have just bought this quad. its in decent shape, but does not run. its turns over and is getting fuel and has to what seems to be good compression(just going by finger over the plug hole and turning over. but it wont run due to no spark. i did have it making spark but not very good. where do i start? i put on a new plug wire and new plug what next how do i tet and search things? im new at this stuff diesel engines i know like the ack of my hand but this i am a complete newb. what would be the first thing on a list to check and how tos. all help is greatly appreciated. thanks

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The first thing I would do is purchase a repair manual, it will have some direct resistance tests for some of your ignition components as well as a troubleshooting guide. Most likely problem is a bad coil, CDI, pickup coil or just a loose or corroded connection somewhere. A visual inspection of everything behind the stator cover and all the ignition wiring and switches would be a good place to start, but I would strongly recommend getting that manual.

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I would check for power into and out of the coil by the use of you ignition diaphram. if you have power in and out then i would test for ground in the circuit by putting the test light to power on the gatorclip and touching the ground wire in the plug. if all is ok then replace the coil. if you had weak spark then no spark i would suspect a wiring issue or a poor battery as well.

your friendly neighbourhood mechanic.

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