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Super Bowl Picks

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wow bio,cannot believe u r a lions fan,i would pick green bay,i live in michigan and still would not root for the lions,they are losers,but if we were to talk hockey,red wings for sure

The Lions played very well this year:yes:

The only team that plays with heart and does not cheat.

I have been a Lions fan since i was 11 years old now i'm 37 lol:yes:

Lions fan for ever:yes:

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That's a good stategy B.B.

Don't let anyone pick on you for being a Lions fan Bio, some people don't understand what it is like to be loyal to your home team, even if they don't win all the time. For the record, Barry Sanders = best running back ever. I am a diehard Seahawks fan, nobody around here talked any crap in the '05 season, but as soon as they started losing games, the fair-weathered fans all jumped off the wagon.

Back on topic, I have always been a Steelers fan, so I am rooting for them. I know, they may or may not have stolen the SuperBowl from us, but it wasn't there fault that the referees made some poor calls and missed some others. It did take me a few years to start liking them again, but I am over it now.

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