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Yamaha ATV Service Manuals

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Ha man looking for 96 ymf350fw manual if u can help that would be great!!

Thanks phc12

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What a great forum. I just purchased a 1990 big bear 4x4 , any chance I could get the owners manual and anything else that maybe of help ? Thanks in advance.

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steelcity said:
What a great forum. I just purchased a 1990 big bear 4x4 , any chance I could get the owners manual and anything else that maybe of help ? Thanks in advance.

the post right above yours has the 87 - 97 big bear service manual

here's the owner's manual too.


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Looking for a service manual for 2006 Bruin 350 4wd. Need info about reason for 4wd switch not working. Was working when I used it last year. Never used this feature much and someone said it may be a fuse? Where are the fuses located? There are 3 wires coming out of switch housing, which one goes where? HELP!!

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Best bet send message to Oxidized_black he has all the books hope that helps

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i think i need the 02 yamaha breeze manual the reason i said "think" is b/c i'm not sure of the year i bought it for 100.00 it's broke down gotta rebuild it and i havent found any service or vin tags on it yet

thank you

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i always get a clymer manual when i get a new machine but they dont make them for it yet. not sure why.

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WOW, Awesome Forum.. I'm in need of a service manual for a 2007 Yamaha Woverine 350 2X4.. Thanks Much Boss!!

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Hey oxidized black,

I noticed that you have a manual for 1986 yamaha moto4 200, and I was wondering if they list part numbers for trans gears? My son has a 1986 moto 4 225 which he just chewed up the trans on. I managed to find the oil seal and the bearing I need and thought I had the gear but when it arrived it was the wrong one. I am having trouble finding that particular gear, if you could help that would be great.

Thanks Aaron

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I am looking for the following 2 manuals,

2000-2005 Yamaha BigBear 400

1998 Yamaha 600 Grizzly



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    • By Colin Davis
      I recently acquired a Yamaha bear tracker 250 that does have a wiring harness.  Does anybody have a wiring diagram for the 250s. Also if you have a pin diagram that tells be the colors of the wires going to the cdi and rectifier or just a picture of the plugs would be much appreciated. I can’t find anything on the harness online. I have all of the switches and stuff and I plan on just build a harness myself because I can’t find one to buy.

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      I have a 02 Warrior i am trying to build a wiring harness i have looked in the manual and  i am confused... the pick up has 2 wires.  W/R W/G The source rotation coil has 2 wires. One is Red other is white/blue. The manual shows the  the white and blue wire connected to the w/g  right after the stator... so why is these 2 wires connected?  Does not show w/b wire at cdi 
      i have looked at many options with no luck if someone has a 2002-2004 warrior and can take a pic of the wires and location at cdi i would really appreciate it. Thanks
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      Hi All,
      My name is Asen and I am from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria. Riding a Yamaha Raptor 700R and this is my first Quad wanted for a vey long time :)

    • By dave3dracing
      Hi, I'm a new member
      Just bought a used 08 350 raptor with about 5 hours on it ( very clean ). Started fine when we got it. Now after a few mods (bumper, skid plates, air filter) Now will not start unless you pull in the clutch. I've checked just about everything and also checked that there is no pinched wires. Anybody have any ideas?:bangheadc: Thanks, Dave
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      Yamaha Australia has announced it will discontinue selling Utility ATVs due to new Australian government legislation that requires the mandatory fitment of so-called Operator Protective Devices (OPDs), YMA will not sell utility ATVs after the government compliance deadline of 11 October 2021.
      “The decision to make the fitment of OPDs compulsory is disappointing. The ruling has forced us to withdraw utility ATVs from the Australian market because as a manufacturer we are not willing to gamble with our customers lives by bolting untested devices onto our specifically engineered and designed ATVs,” explains YMA Director Brad Ryan.
      As the market leader in this segment, Yamaha recognises that utility ATVs are an important part of farm operations and will comply with stage one of the new consumer legislation. This includes testing and the fitment of warning labels by Oct 2020. This will ensure that Yamaha ATVs remain available until October 2021.
      After this date customers will not be able to purchase a new Yamaha utility ATV in Australia – but sport and youth models will continue to be available. This is because new sport and fun ATVs do not need to be fitted with OPDs. In addition, side-by-side vehicles (SSVs) are not affected by this ruling, so YMA will support our utility ATV dealers and ease the transition from ATV to AG bike and SSV business.
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      Customer safety has always been our priority. YMA has provided market leading rider training and promoted proven safety methods. YMA also helped develop the Shark ATV helmet which is the only fully certified farm safe ATV helmet available. YMA feels so strongly about customer safety that purchasers of new Yamaha utility vehicles will receive a free Shark farm safe helmet valued at $250 while stocks last.
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      these are what i have in my collection ... always looking for more
      1983 - 1985 Honda ATC 200x Service Manual
      1984 - 1985 Honda ATC 200m Service Manual
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    • By Milsparro
      Howdy y'all. Just bought myself a 2004? Yamaha 400 with electrical Gremlins aplenty. Runs good (after jumping the starter solenoid relay terminals with the helpfully included with the sale pliers) but no fan when my wife's 03 Kodiak 400 had fan and the starter button makes it to the starter solenoid but the ECU side isn't happy. This seems to be a lively forum with manual downloads being supported so hi.
      Oh yah, and you can get two Kodiak 400s on a 5x8 trailer... I bought a nice 14' trailer as soon as possible after this.

    • By Nate Hanson
      I am a new atv owner...I bought a used atv this summer (pretty sure it is a wolverine but reg card from last owner didnt actually say that so idk for sure). It ran great for most the summer and early fall but one day I tried starting it and it turned over a while without starting and then suddenly it quit turning over at all. No click or anything.
      I charged battery and light turns on showing neutral and heatlight can go on.
      A few other things that may be pertinent: The pull start is missing, I have a fluke multimeter but not many other advanced tools (or relevant experience), there is an extra aftermarket led light attached to front but it doesnt work either... never looked into why since I didnt need it. 
      I looked for a fuse box and didnt find one.
      Please recommend some easier things to try first as I really want to avoid taking it in if I can (having one income and 4 kids can keep out extra cash, plus I want to learn). Pictures would be awesome if possible. Thanks! 
    • By Kanyon Pershing
      I have recently rebuilt my Yamaha warrior 350 engine and when I got it all back together with no “spare parts” i went to start it and realized it’s in reverse. I went to put it in drive and the shifter won’t budge, I took the linkage off and tried to use vise grips but it won’t budge at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m hoping it’s not something internal! 
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