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    The poll at the top says 37 votes for Trump and 10 for Clinton, so not sure how this forum could be characterized as a liberal bastion, but then again I don't leave this thread so I don't really know how it is out there. Hard to imagine many are supporting Biden though.
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    @Rich1028 I'm not going to ban you but please watch your tone. Really not fair for you to say this. Out of the thousands of topics on atvs in this community, you gather your opinion based on the one "general discussion" topic about politics you decide to jump into? You then trash QUADCRAZY like this because of your political views? That's not fair and we are also not for name calling other members, no matter how much you dislike their opinions. Lets appreciate everyone's point of view and please keep it civil. Everyone.
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    @Rich1028 Not gonna ban you, but have to make a remark here...wrong site to post like that. I've edited your post and almost every sentence that contained a profanity has been removed. Consider this site "family friendly". Please keep it clean and no bashing other members.
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    for one I should not even be over in this shit hole...cause it might get me banned form here....but on the other had... Over Here...I'm making FAT Stacks of CASH!!! my work hours increased,my pay went up...!! THIS IS AMERICA!!!
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