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  1. [ame] [/ame] only when u pull back in the clutch does it make this noise and wanna take off
  2. i say go change the spark plug i changed tons of shit after i found out to just change the plug (crazy right)lol
  3. joshjames i knwo the feeling ive had mine 3 years and sank over 3k? into it and it still acting up
  4. LAKOTA 300 brand new CARB,STATOR,COIL PICKUP,CDI BOX when the quad warms up it sounds like its starving for gas and dies i fire it back up hit the gas but still straight DIES wtf could b the problem i checked the spark after it gets warm and theres still spark i dont know at this point compression is also fine got great fuel flow also
  5. got a lakota 300 the quad runs but when i kill the engine the clutch spins and stop DEAD making this loud CLUNK sound any idea what could b wrong this also cause it to die while riding
  6. ok UPDATE its hard to shift from nutural to 1st i really gotta pull up hard
  7. did i over torque something?? anyone i really need help on this
  8. but what could b wrong what do i have to adjust to make it work right
  9. clean the carb out GOOD tear it apart also,make sure the gas lines isn't gummed up and DR8EA is the sparkplug not 7
  10. ok i got a problem i put all new clutch plates in my lakota now when i went to put on the 4 blots (clutch basket)2 of them snapped and now i gotta really get into mega high rpms in order for it to shift and SOMETIMES i gotta stay on the gas while holding up,let off the gas and the level goes up NOW my question is could those 2 bolts have anything to do with the problem ? it never did this before
  11. hello names landy im from scranton,pa i own a wolverine450 and a lakota300 looking for ppl to ride with hit me up on facebook www.facebook.com/landysiphone
  12. thats the first thing you should of done is clean the carb lol

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