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  2. I was wondering if I should try seafoam, I will give that a shot also. I called Napa about the spark plug got the DR7EA on order thanks!
  3. 2006 yamaha wolverine 450 carb cold idle issues it stays running when I have the choke up but when I put it back down to idle it wants to stall out. This machine only has 218 miles had has pretty much been sitting for that long lol. Runs great in the warm but is really rough in the cold. I am going to try to change the gas, new air filter, and spark plugs. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
  4. Hello, I am new to this site just purchased my first ATV 2 months ago. 2006 yamaha wolverine 450. I put a new winch and Cycle Country blade on for snow removal all by myself and i am a girl so I am super stoked about that.

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