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  2. Ive got a 95 big bear 350 anniversary edition that i rebuilt from the ground up and wow do i love this machine. geared nice and low and built like a freakin tank without being crazy heavy. Full time 4x4 with high and low range.
  3. jeez...did you get transmission fluid on it or something? That makes rubber expand like crazy. and it must have ripped to come off, correct? maybe it got stretched out when it ripped.
  4. Turns out it was a key for the little barrel with pins sticking out of it that the shifter grabs and rotates. I know that's a terrible description. .. either way it shifts like new now. There's a round plate with a star head screw in it that covers the slot for the key. Over 20 years i guess it loosened and the key fell out, allowing the shifter barrel thing to spin around.
  5. Hey all, Ive been having a problem with shifting my quad and its driving me nuts. Ive rebuilt the quad pretty much in every aspect except the engine and tranny but Its hard to find gears and sometimes falls out of gears and rattles. Reverse is fine and once its in a gear properly it stays in. Clutch doesnt seem to be slipping. I drained the oil and took the side cover off the engine where the shifting apparatus is and while everything looked fine to me there was a small piece of metal sitting in the bottom of the case. It looks like an elongated cube a little less than a cm long and half that wide, maybe a little bigger. None of the surfaces on the piece are broken, as in it seems to be a standalone piece and not a chunk off of something else. It kinda seems like a key out of a shaft or something like that but i couldnt see where it came from in real life or in the shop manual...any ideas if this has anything to do with my shifting problem, where it could be from or anything? After all the hours ive put into this project, any and all help would be wildly appreciated! Cheers!!!
  6. figured it out...starter solinoid replaced, and main fuse, which looked fine but wasnt, replaced.
  7. Hey all you mechanical/electrical geniuses, Ive got some confusion with my electrical system on this 1995 big bear that was donated to my project list... Ive got a brand new battery hooked up and heres what happens: Key on no headlights I managed to get it to pull start once and it ran ok-ish but there was a buzzing noise coming from what my manual says is my neutral relay, but theres a slim possibility its the starting circuit cutoff relay. no dash lights no electric start once it was running: -buzzing from relay particularly when I idled it down -reverse light was on but at really low idle it would flicker to neutral -no headlights or taillight (but its sat for a while and i dunno the condition of the bulbs) -the rectifier was quite warm after just a minute or so of idle -after i shut it off it wouldnt pull start again. Man I wish I knew more about this stuff. But I"m trying! haha Anyway, thanks ahead of time for any help!
  8. Also, with a new battery, and key on, no juice to anything. No clicks or buzzes, not even a how-do-ya-do.
  9. Thanks I tried to do a vin lookup but it didn't work, in multiple places including my local yamaha dealer. And it's ready vin that's stamped on the frame too, which makes it stranger that it doesn't work.
  10. Hey all, Im new here and am sad to start with what might be a very dumb question, haha. I just got a 95 big bear anniversary edition, and have pdf service manuals for that year...but am not sure which model number it is...yfm350fgw? I ask because the manuals i have list multiple 350"s like the 350fww and what not and i dont want to say, tune my carb wrong, etc. I am currently cleaning the carb and then gonna go through the whole machine and see what kind of neglect I have deal with, so any tips about that would be great too. CHeers! awesome forums!!!!!!

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