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  1. Trailing all the way getting to old to handle the broke bones and pain of mx ridding. Lol still love one day to get another tri-z 250, but purely for nostalgic reasons not huge jumps any more save that stuff for the young bloods. Hahaha
  2. Bayou 300 need a full charge on the battery. Even to pull start it From my experience. And there is a 30 amp fuse under the seat. First charge/test that battery the main fuse should be right by the battery. After those confirm OK if the bike still doesn't work. Get an electrical schematic and start chasing wires it really sounds like a ground of some sort. To lose everything on a working bike out of nowhere seems like a fuse or ground and maybe the battery is dead.
  3. If you get it going they are fantastic old bikes. A tune up it needs for sure I actually seen tune up kits on Amazon for these. I have a 97 300 king quad myself it's a great bike. All the best the service manual is helpful when working on any atv/utv.
  4. Hi everyone. This site is filled with what seems like tons of great content, great people all with a very common interest. I am going to be right at home here.
  5. My 300 bayou used to drive terrible when the oil was getting ready to be changed. Then like a new bike with new oil in it. I always used wet clutch oil. Not standard 10w30. Hope it helps.
  6. love the trails. peaceful take the mind off the world. getting outside in any capacity is awesome so on a bike makes it all the better.
  7. Certainly a hats off for attempting that one. we do mostly trail ridding I am getting to old to dig out machines lol.
  8. Casey Martz it really depends if you are going with an older quad or something new. In todays world the atvs/ utvs are going for insane amount of miles as compared to some of the old school bikes. in my opinion anything with a Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, or Kawasaki badge on them are good bikes they have been around a long time and build quality. as for the old school. the older Hondas are great bikes. I have a 15 year old Yamaha Kodiak I love it. 12000 kms on it and works great. anything you buy maintenance is the key. all the best with your search

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