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  1. Sean Blevins

    1984 Honda TRX200 Service Manual

    Very good download. Clear as can be
  2. Sean Blevins

    what is a good 4wheeler with a manual transmission?

    Another vote for an older honda
  3. Sean Blevins

    getting my first quad, need help

    You can't go wrong with any of those.
  4. The one we did we have now added the plate back for the next little one to learn on. Had it cut out so it bolts on like a gasket
  5. Sean Blevins

    Used ATV For Sale

    I agree facebook or craigslist
  6. Sean Blevins

    Work vs play

    All depends on what toy I'm playing with. I have a 84 trx200 all work have 03 sportsman 500 about 60/40 and have an 05 raptor that is no work.
  7. The restrictor plate is between the carb and the cylinder. It is part of the cylinder its self. If you,pull the car you can't miss it. Rejetting the carb is a must if you decide to get rid of it. I believe a 65 main jet is what was put in. I have also seen it taken out in steps to add a little more speed as the kids got better at riding. The little motors can really move if do right.
  8. Sean Blevins

    1984 Honda 200 trx not starting

    Hope you have figured it out but the 2.5 turns out from lightly seated on the adjustment screw.
  9. Sean Blevins

    1984 Honda TRX 200 play in the front end

    Check that your tie rod ends are good and the your tie rods are not bent. Also check that your wheels are aligned. Mine felt loose also until I realigned it. It was about 12mm toe out. The specs call for 0-7.5mm toe in.
  10. Sean Blevins

    1984 Honda Trx 200 start button not working

    Make sure that it is in neutral and that the forward reverse shifter is not in reverse. High or low will allow it to start, but not reverse. You are able to pull start them in any gear and in reverse.