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  1. Yes I was just asking about his problem. I haven't had any problems myself. At least not yet. Was just wanting to know about people experience or opinions on the sportsman 570s.
  2. I hope so too. I just bought a 2018 570 sp and have been looking around at common problems in case they ever come up on mine. I have seen a few times around the web that the voltage regulator goes bad on them. Dont have much time on mine yet though so well will see how it goes. Thanks for the reply.
  3. I'm not saying they aren't reliable. I just bought a new sportsman 570. But every Honda I've ever had has been bulletproof. That sportsman rides so smooth and has a good bit of power though.
  4. I have a 2018 570 sp I like it so far. Have not put much time on it.
  5. What are your honest thoughts on Polaris sportsman's? More specifically the 570. Is there anything to look out for? I purchased one a few weeks ago and was wondering what other people thought.
  6. 32. Bought a sportsman 570 a few weeks ago for help around the house. Always owned dirtbikes up until now.
  7. I just got a left over 2018 570 sp a couple weeks ago. Can't wait to take it out.

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