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  1. They replaced the voltage regulator and so far it’s been working fine again. Maybe the first EPS unit fried it somehow when it went bad, Idk. I’m just hoping this is the end of my problems with it.
  2. Looks really nice! Thanks for the pics!
  3. Gotcha, from what I can tell they perform as well as the factory EPS units but take at least half a day to install. I’ll let you know if I end up getting it done on my wheeler.
  4. I jumped mine before so it was able to be activated in high low and reverse. It just needs 12v so you can tap in easily.
  5. Never had that issue with either of my 570’s.
  6. Having similar issues with a 2018 SP but no recalls or fixes for the 2018 models yet. Polaris should have corrected this on their own!!
  7. Did the dealer help you out or were you able to resolve the fuses blowing?
  8. Can you post pictures of the finished product? Thanks!
  9. Did you get the kit installed? I’m considering adding SuperATV’s power steering kit to my 2016 Sportsman 570 and was wondering how the install would go.
  10. Congratulations! Nice looking wheeler!

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