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  1. Oh, so you got it sorted? Thats great, glad you managed to get it done.
  2. Thanks Mike, That will be a good set of instructions for when I get mine fitted! hopefully I can keep mine working well too with proper maintenance.
  3. I know the quadrunners will only go into 4x4 when they are in super low, does it have a feature like that?
  4. Does it have a rubber plug in the crankcase to align a timing mark?
  5. Keeping an eye on this thread, I will love to see you get it all up and running again how it should be. I really like the Fourtraxx but couldn't afford one and ended up with a busted up Suzuki LT250 but shes well on the mend now. I have to replace the barrel next to stop her burning so much oil! maybe then I can make some money and invest in a Honda (preferably a 4x4 but not sure how much Id benefit from it as Ive never needed it with the work I do)
  6. Ive got a Suzuki LT250 but need to get the barrel and piston sorted as she smokes a fair bit! I would really like to get a 4x4 version but as I only really use it for shunting logs around on the trailer I don't really know whether it'll be worth the upgrade as it doesn't really struggle and dont get the chance to use it on the really wet ground.
  7. Thats cool! I need to get a value winch for my LT-250. When funds allow!
  8. Nice job! I finished painting up the frame on my Suzuki LT250 a year ago. It took me days to strip everything from the frame as so many bolts were seized! Glad I took the tine to do it though. Now Ive just got to put a new barrel on her and shes going to purr!
  9. I had a badly seized engine a while ago, leaving diesel to soak in the bores is probably the best advice and then hopefully it should be able to release it, providing there isn't too much water ingress! Good luck!
  10. nice, temp repair! Glad it worked well enough to get you back
  11. Just wanted to say Hi, Ive got a quadrunner LT250 which I'm hoping to get up and running (She runs but a little smokey!) properly, so to have a forum like this is amazing!

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