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  1. I had this EXACT problem with a trailboss. After going crazy and replacing the ignition switch, I found the Run/Off red switch on the left side of the handlebar to be dirty. After cleaninig.. Never happened again... Thought I would share
  2. looks like a fun day... Thank you for sharing
  3. Would love to see and hear it. Could not get the link.
  4. Looking for the wiring diagram of the gauge cluster. Thinking about using it on my 2008 that I just bought.. Its gauge is destroyed
  5. Has anyone had any luck putting a different gauge on this machine. Would you happen to have the wiring diagram?
  6. Just bought this ATV. Wondering if my gauge from a 2003 will plug in and work. I know mine does not have a fuel gauge, but if the rest works, I am in.
  7. I have a 2017 1000s. Should I be worried that it will catch fire?

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