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  1. you will need both piston and rings/do you have any pics of the quad i may be able to identify also there should be a number on the motor and one on the rear plastics under the seat be careful pulling the jug and other stuff off once you get the piston and rings replaced you will need to have it timed send me the numbers you find
  2. the three cut blue wirees i believe is either neutral safty or a sensor try unpluging the left switch and key switch it should have spark once that is done. got my quad like this not too long ago. didnt seem too have much compression but then when i put gas in the cylinder and checked for spark it had lots of compression everyone told me the feeling of compression with pull start doesnt determine anything also if you unplug the stator and it has spark your stator is bad. and if its good and for some reason unplugged there will be no spark.when you get it running and it smokes you will need rings/ piston do you know if it smoked before it stoped running
  3. you have to stop completely and push down on the lever and move it where you want. diff lock can only be used in super low range
  4. definetly a 4 stroke because i have one of these looks pretty close to mine
  5. another site for good used parts is ebay
  6. usually if there is a bad grouund or your starter is froze or locked up it will just sit there and click. my quadrunner does the same thing and the starter was locked up so i baught a new starter and tried the electric start and it worked without clicking. try a new starter
  7. hi i have an orange one of these quads and yours looks like a 1986 - 1989 lt 230 sport all parts for these years are inerchangeable if you are getting blue spark then that means you have super strong spark. should try starting with a little gas in the cylinder or starting fluid if it dies after running a couple seconds try cleaning the carb and see if it gets gas
  8. ihi i have one of these quads if the starter doesnt work, you probably have a bad ground or the battery might be bad. also if the valves arent adjusted right it wont star and might mess with compression depending on how far out of adjustment they are.

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