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  1. Did you find the solution to your issues? Was is a loose cable?
  2. Great post, my big bear might be a bit hard on the steering as well, this is something I should check out.
  3. Did you find a solution to your issue? I have had similar problems with my big bear 95.
  4. Thanks guys, lots of yamaha manuals in here, exactly what I needed!
  5. Did you find a solution to your problems?
  6. Meo9979


  7. Hey there, I splitted open my crankcase on my big bear to change my shift drum that broke . Now I'm at the step where I'd like to clean both sides of the crankcase & clutch cover, first thing being to remove the old gasket sticked there. I think I messed up by trying to be quick & used a copper brush on a power drill to brush it off:frown:... I know that copper is softer than metal, but did I just screw up my aluminum crankcase edges by doing that? Or will it be ok with a proper gasket that I'm about to order? Also, doing that left some residues inside the crankcase half, I was won
  8. I all, I'm a new member from near Montreal, Qc! Bought myself my first quad, a 1995 Yamaha Big Bear 350 that needed some love, already got some help here about maintenance. Sadly my transmission failed so I'm currently replacing my drum shift, I might need some extra advice for stuff not covered in my Clymer manual, I think this is the place to be... Happy to join!

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