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tether kill switch on a 4 stroke 2003 Polaris Predator


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well when i bought my quad my buddy had broke the ignition when it was rolled

yea i know sucks right

but it runs and drives fine the like cluster w. the key and temp and neutral light its just smashed so i took it off

but i wanted to put a tether kill switch in for a key

right now i just have the 2 red wires crossed and its always on if i hit the kill switch it shuts it off so the battery wont die

anyways i took the tether kill switch off my blaster (2 stroke) and went to put it on my 2003 predator (4 stroke) and they work the opposite =(

when the tether is pulled on the 2 stroke it makes a connection (im guessing short to ground) which kills the ignition but on the predator it needs to make an open cause these 2 wires need to have power flowing through them to have the ignition on

so i ask has anyone installed a tether kill switch on there 4 stroke? and any tips

or does anyone have acces to a wiring diagram for a predator ignition

sry for such a long post:confused:

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Well, I think the best thing to do would be to buy an open circuit switch. If you really want to use the kill tether from your blaster you could wire in a Bosch relay that will send power to through one circiut when no voltage is applied and to another when the relay is coil is activated. You can wire the kill tether into either the 12v+ feed, or the ground feed, which will go to termilal 85 or 86, it makes no difference which terminal is positive or negative. Wire the ignition feed into terminal 30 and out of terminal 87a. When the tether is connected, the relay circiut will remain closed keeping power flowing from terminal 30 to terminal 87a and the ignition will stay on. When the tether is pulled, it will close the circuit and energize the relay coil, switching the current flow to terminal 87, which is not used and therefore opening the ingnition circuit, killing the engine. If you need further clarification, google Bosch relay, or SPDT relay.

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