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2005 Polaris SP 500 H.O. Tire Help?


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Ive been searching the net trying to find info on tire sizing and I think I know what I'm doing now. But it's nice to hear from some who has been through buying new tires for stock rims.

What my question is..

Will Mud Lite XL 26x9x12 and 26x12x12 fit my stock rims and will there be any clearance problems. My machine is a 2005 SP 500 HO with stock 26" tires. The stock rim widths are 6" Front and 8" Rear.

Now this is one of the statements I found on the net and I just wanted to know what everyone thinks about it?

"When buying tires for existing rims, never buy tires more than six inches wider than your rims. A minimum also applies where you should never buy tires less than three inches wider than your rims. The difference between tire width and rim width is needed to insure the tire bead is seated on the rim with the low tire pressure that ATV tires operate at."

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you need to be very carful of the width on a polaris. especially on the front. you might find they will rub when turning. i could of sworn the front factory rims ar 10" on the front and 12" on the rear. i would make sure of the factory rim diameter before you buy. it would be crappy to have to repay a restocking fee.

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So I broke down and bought some tires today. I picked up ITP Mud Lites XL's 26x9-12 for the front and 26x12x12 for the rear. I mounted them on the stock rims and there was a bit of a clearance issue on the front with the tie rod ends. They rubbed so I flipped the tie rods to the bottom and everything seems to be perfect now. I also did a wheel alignment after I flipped them.

Kind of strange was when I did the alignment and I did my first measurement before I flipped the tie rods the toe was way off. I had probably 1/2 toe in instead of 1/8 toe out. After I flipped the tie rods and the toe was almost perfect with 1/8 toe out with no adjustments. The only thing that I can think of is that the guy that owned it before me had fliped the tie rods and traded it in on a new machine at the stealership. The stealership changed the tie rod ends and put new ones on for me and put them back on top without doing an alignment.

Now all is well and I cant wait untill I can get out and ride next week.

P.S. I also put in the PVC spring spacers tonight to help with the sag in the front end.

Has anyone used these before and how does it change the ride?




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