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1999 Sportsman 500 4x4....Rebuild

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Hello, I am new to this forum and I was recently given a 1999 Sportsman 500. It has been sitting out in the weather for approx. 2-3 years I guess. I do not know much about Polaris 4 wheelers and would like a little help as to what people think should be checked, rebuilt, or refilled. The previous owner said that it was running fine when it was left out by his brother. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I am mechanically inclined and will be doing most repairs on my own. However, if something is too technical, I have a friend that is an ATV mechanic and he could help out as well.



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Thanks for the help. I will start there and see where it gets me. A friend of mine recommended rebuilding the carb since it has been sitting for a while. What are your thoughts on that?

I would take it off and check it out. At least give it a good clean up.

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    • By chadh
      When the machine sits a few days I have a week/dead battery.
      What I have found,
      1. There is a group of four smaller gauge wires connected to the positive side of the battery. One of these is a blue wire, with the key off there is a .5amp draw on this wire.
      2. When I pull the EFI relay it is warm and the .5amp draw stops.
      3. I can reinstall the relay and the draw does not return until the key is turned back on.
      4. Swapping the relay with another does not change the condition.
      5. Turning the engine kill switch to stop does not kill the draw.

      I am assuming that when the key is turned off the EFI relay should relax, but is not.
      Does/should the key to off remove the control power for the relay, and therefor relax, or does the ECM control this relay?

      Thanks for any help.
    • By huntindog
      I am in the process of puting it back together after replacing the DPS gearbox.
      The manual I have states that it will need to be flashed by a dealer. Is this still true?
      Also , I have a mystery bolt That I cannot remember where it goes. M6x 70 or so.  Hex head with a flat washer.I will try to attach a pic.
      Pic is no go for now....Cox issue I will try again later
    • By TheRetiredMilitaryGuy
      Hey y’all, I need some help badly. I have a 02 Honda foreman rubicon 500, it sat for a year (ran out of time) just did a full top end plus piston and rings on it. Got it running but it will not drive forward at all and will only do 2 mph in reverse. The engine or transmission makes a very loud whining when I hit throttle both ways. 
      I need some help I’m very unfamiliar with the hondamatic. 
      Any ideas or options?
    • By exalrod
      Hi Everyone,
      I recently purchased a 2005 50cc Polaris Predator for my granddaughter.
      The wiring is a mess. most of it appears to be jumpered out (twisted together).
      I installed a new carburetor. The gas tank was cracked so I found another one on ebay and got that installed. There is no air filter box. I ordered another one but, it has not arrived yet.
      I did get it cranked with the kick start. But, it idles too fast and when you give it any throttle the motor dies off. The more throttle you give it the faster it dies off. It is very hard to start when it has not been running for a while. However, once it has warmed up, it starts on the first kick every time after that.
      I am looking for a little assistance in getting it running better and also a wiring diagram and service manual if possible.
      Thanks in advance....
    • By ForumIdiot
      Hi, Im dudeman, Trying to get 10 post just to download a pdf. (By the way, how does this not junk the forum up with random post of useless info just to get a download?)
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