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Went riding with WillyPop and son up to Central City ! Great day riding even though I got chased down by officer of the law !!!!:laugh:No ticket:realmad: but a tongue lashing !!!!









My camera is gettin old !!

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So what did you do to get the tongue lashing? I thought you were a good, clean, honest, law abiding person Dale?:laugh:

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he got nabbed, or should i say, almost flattened, by Barney Fife. officers front bumper was less than a foot from taking him out permanently. simple mishap. we all left in one piece

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So what did you do to get the tongue lashing? I thought you were a good, clean, honest, law abiding person Dale?:laugh:

not paying attention !! Everyone was pulling over and I thought they were letting me and WillPop by so we clicked up one gear blasted on by !! right in front of the county sheriff Willy saw him I didn`t :biggrin:hit me with his lights and 3rd degreed me :realmad:

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good cop just to give you a tongue lashing. Most of them around here would have shot at you and claimed you tried to run them over.

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Yea the cop was cool It was my fault for not looking back but I was pissed becaused 2 4X4 quads would not move over to let us pass I followed them for 3 miles or so They stayed in the middle of 10` wide trail :aargh:going slow Real Slow :laugh:No helmet wearing sandles and shorts :aargh:Then they smiled at me as they slowly rolled my quad pulled over !! The officer stated that he wish he could give them a ticket for not wearing a helmet while riding but its legal here:no: He has more calls on wrecks with head injureys than any other call But all in all I learned a good lesson and will start paying more attention !!

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