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    I've used this shop many times, they're always great to deal with. Often times it's cheaper to have them make a power steering or oil cooler hose than buy a new one, and they use arctic grade hose that I've never had fail. This was the first time I've had them repair a brake hose. I had them add 1 inch of hose so it wouldn't rub like the old one did.
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    I’m confused. You did all this work and your not getting a charge? That’s strange, what kind of testing on the charging system are you doing? Have you checked the rectifier/regulator ? First off I would locate the vin# and do a check this way you can find the exact year. Tons of web sites to check for free. Honestly I would put a new stator/pick up coil in. I use a brand called Caltric on eBay or amazon. About $75 bucks. They have always fit and worked well. You should also check that everything is turning inside the engine in order to produce current at the coil. When the cover is off spin the engine and make sure rotation is good.
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